‘Gaza Water Not Fit for Human Consumption’

"The water is no longer fit for human consumption, with analysis and international studies showing that just 10 percent of water in the Gaza Strip is potable… threatening the lives of Palestinians," AFP quoted Munzir Shiblak as saying on Sunday.

In a statement he called for "the necessary measures to be taken to end the problem of salinity in Gaza water supplies, a problem that is getting worse," adding that the water situation in the Gaza Strip is "critical".

Shiblak noted that 160 million cubic meters of water was taken from the underground aquifers last year to supply 1.5 million people with drinking water and for agriculture, but that natural replenishment amounted to only 80-90 million cubic meters.

"The ground water deficit rose to more than 80 million cubic meters last year, and if this situation continues reserves could collapse in the next few years," Shiblak said.

The UN Environment Program also warned that Gaza‘s underground water supplies are "in danger of collapse "following years of overuse and the devastating war Israel waged in the territory at the turn of the year."

(Press TV)

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