Hamas Government ‘Executes Two Collaborators’

The Gaza interior ministry implemented on Saturday death sentences against two convicted collaborators, the ministry announced.

In a statement, the ministry identified the convicts only by their initials and ages — A.G., 49, and H.K., 43.

It insisted the process took place in the presence of authorized parties and according to the legal procedures stipulated in the Palestinian law.

The ministry said that the two convicted collaborators confessed that they told the Israeli army about houses, places, security and military locations that were later targeted, killing adults and children.

They collaborated with the Israeli authorities for more than 10 years, the ministry said.

The collaborator identified as H.K. allegedly confessed to working for the Israeli intelligence since 2003. His contact person, according to the ministry, tasked him with collecting information about resistance fighters, buildings and workshops.

A statement by the ministry of interior claimed that he provided information about the whereabouts of police officers in Khan Younis who were later bombarded, killing one.

The collaborator also allegedly told interrogators he agreed to work with the Israelis because he badly needed a permit to travel to Israel to attend to his mother who needed medical treatment. He also said he received money from the Israeli intelligence, according to the statement.

The same suspect, added the statement, provided the Israelis with information about three workshops which were shelled and destroyed based on the information he gave. He also spied on two resistance fighters in a vehicle which was bombarded following information he provided to the Israelis.

The statement highlighted that the convict received a box of tissue with a hidden camera which he hung in his private car so he would watch and take photos of certain sites.

The other collaborator, referred to as A.G., allegedly confessed that he forced his wife to work with the Israeli intelligence and she was eventually recruited after the 2008-2009 military offensive against the Gaza Strip. The intelligence agents promised to get him a permit so he could work in Israel.

He allegedly told interrogators he reported to his Israeli contacts that missile launching pads were hidden inside a school, and based on that information the Israeli forces bombarded the school. Furthermore, a number of houses, a mosque and a jeep were targeted by the Israelis based on information he gave.


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