‘Hands Off Jerusalem’: Ramzy Baroud’s Speech in Seattle (VIDEO)

Dr. Ramzy Baroud speaking in Seattle.

Palestinian author, journalist and Palestine Chronicle Editor, Dr. Ramzy Baroud delivered a speech at the ‘Hands Off Jerusalem’ rally downtown Seattle, Washington on December 16.

Below is the video and the full text of his speech.

My speech at the Hands Off Jerusalem protest downtown Seattle today.

Posted by Ramzy Baroud on Samstag, 16. Dezember 2017

Hands Off Jerusalem

Mr. Trump: Jerusalem, Al-Quds is the capital of Palestine, and will always be the capital of Palestine no matter what you and your entire government think.

Jerusalem is the land of co-existence; for all peoples and all religions.

In fact, it had always been that way until Israel was created 70 years ago atop the ruins of Palestine.

And we will fight alongside Palestinians and their allies – Muslims, Christians, Jews and everyone else to give Jerusalem its identity back.

Jerusalem is the land of peace and tolerance, not violence, theft and military checkpoints.

It is not a piece of real estate owned by the Trump family to give away to Israel and its rightwing government as it pleases.

It was in Jerusalem that Jesus had once walked, teaching the people about love and faith.

It was there that Mohammed once prayed to God for mercy upon humankind.

It was in Jerusalem that thousands perished fighting to preserve that legacy of faith, peace and love for all of our prophets.

Trump is no prophet.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not a man of peace and integrity.

These two men should not be handed the fate of Jerusalem and its people.

They should not be allowed to challenge international law, or reverse the legacy of Jesus and Mohammed and the Palestinian people who have persisted and existed and fought for Jerusalem over the course of history.

But I promise you this: as we have fought for our rights and freedoms for 70 years, we will continue to resist with all of our strength for 70 years, and a thousand years more.

Not only because this is consistent with international law, but because the Palestinian people, generation after generation, are determined to make that a reality.

Our will derives its power, not from Donald Trump, but from the spirit of human decadency and the fact that we have lived in and protected Jerusalem for thousands of years.

If military occupation didn’t drive us out of Jerusalem, Donald J. Trump has no chance.

And we need; we need to stand with us. We need you in order for us to reverse this awful and irresponsible decision by Trump that impedes any chances for peaceful co-existence in Palestine.

We need you to stand in solidarity with our people. To speak out for human rights and justice.

To tell your President, HANDS OFF JERUSALEM.

Because Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel. It is the capital of peace. The capital of faith. The capital of co-existence.

And Jerusalem al-Quds will always, always be the capital of Palestine.

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