Healthcare Workers Condemn Israel’s ‘Deliberate Dehumanization’ of Palestinians

Dr. Ayman Abu Al-Auf, head of internal medicine at Al-Shifa hospital, was one of the two doctors killed by an Israeli airstrike. (Photo: File)

Healthcare workers from around the world have signed a letter condemning Israel’s deliberate dehumanization and dispossession of the Palestinian people.

“Our colleagues have been killed and high precision weaponry has been used to target healthcare facilities,” they said.

The letter highlighted that Dr. Ayman Abu Al-Auf, head of internal medicine, and Dr. Moein Ahmad Abu-Al Aloul, head of neurology at Gaza’s main hospital, Al-Shifa, were killed in the same bombing raid.

“As healthcare workers, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people as they are confronted by the destruction of their homes and evaporation of their hopes,” they continued.

“Al-Shifa is the only facility capable of high-level emergency care in Gaza, and had each of its access roads bombed so no ambulance can reach it. At least six other hospitals have been targeted.”

“None of this is new, Gaza has been strangled by an Israeli blockade since 2006,” they said, adding: “Faced with the current round of violence, there is nowhere for Gazans to flee to.”

“Occupation not only dehumanizes the victim, it also brutalizes the occupier. We see this in the trauma of the young recruits to the Israeli army, who have been damaged by a policy of enforced racism which in turn is eating away at Israeli society.”

“We urge our colleagues not to self-censor on these issues but to speak out. We cannot rely on the international community to effect a change. We must stand together and advocate for it,” the letter continued.

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