‘I Can See’: On Gaza Genocide and the West’s Lack of Morality

Gaza reels under new massacres carried out by the Israeli army. (Photo: via Eye on Palestine)

By Jim Miles

The US is the least moral country in the world today.  It has created and facilitated more wars, more deaths, more damages, more humanitarian disasters than any other country.

I can see the photos: the faces of children haunted by chaos beyond their control; their faces of pain, the silent cries and screams of injuries and fear; parents’ faces, torn with grief and more silent cries of pain and injustice; blood washed across staircases and floors in hospitals, blood caked on faces of innocent people – clotted with the powder and grit of demolished concrete and plaster from homes, hospitals, and schools.

I can see the photos: neighborhoods crumpled and flattened by thousands of bombs; craters where buildings and streets used to be; people, small by comparison to the deluge of destruction, digging with bare hands through the tangled rubble of steel and mortar; people, frozen in time, calling for help, beseeching the world, damning the world, nowhere to turn, no escape from the whistle and rumble of bombs and missiles.

I cannot hear that: nor the screams of the wounded, the cries of the injured, the cries for lost parents, lost children, lost lives; the cries of those trapped under the wreckage of their homes.

I cannot smell that: the sickly metallic sweet smell of blood; the acrid sulfurous smoke of explosions; the dustings of powder and chemicals drifting around the ruins; the heart and gut-wrenching smells of bodies decomposing under the rubble; the smoke of a small fire somehow scavenged to boil water for a meager meal of…some unknown provenance.

I cannot touch that: the heat, the cold, the grit, the twist of iron bars under calloused and bloody hands searching for victims; the warm dampness of bloodied clothing and bandages.

And I understand: this is not a war, but a genocide committed against an imprisoned people; a genocide that has endured slowly over many decades; an ethnic cleansing long understood by the perpetrators to be an underlying feature of their conquest; as long as the very origins of the concept of the settler state started over a century ago.

There is no morality in US governance.

I listen to the politicians: the members of the US Congress and their fawning obsequiousness towards Israel; the same coming from the EU, Britain, Canada, and other members of the ‘western’ (and diminishing) world.

I listen to news commentaries: knowing that “balance” and “fairness” do not apply in a situation where one side has vastly superior military power (although not the touted prowess of such), controls most of the media, and has its mystique inculcated into its own population:  exceptionalism, freedom, indispensability ring hollow in a world of violence they themselves have created.

The United States, as the largest purveyor of violence in the world, could easily put a stop to all this.

The feeble words and excuses of the US government only emphasize how the politicians, the military-industrial-financial complex, and the corporate “persons” – all of whom reap large financial rewards for this carnage – do not want the savagery to end.

The military corporations – Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northop Grumman, an almost endless list – and those supplying them, are providing as per President Joe Biden a financial boost for the US economy.

Lives and deaths are not important; the dollar reigns supreme, both for profits and global hegemony.

A big if, a gigantic if:  if the US simply stopped sending military support to Israel, the bombs and missiles and tanks would soon become silent.

So simple; so not going to happen.

The US is the least moral country in the world today.  It has created and facilitated more wars, more deaths, more damages, more humanitarian disasters than any other country.

The US sees everything as a win or lose situation, a zero sum game in which only they can be the winners, at all costs – the costs of millions of lives around the world.

Now it is the costs of tens of thousands of lives in Gaza and Palestine, the costs of all civic functions, of hospitals, doctors, schools, teachers, bakeries, electrical and sewage systems, all to support the Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

The future is unknown, but obviously major changes of some kind are in process, violently so.

There are solutions, none of which the US or Israel will even consider for a moment, until and unless some unforeseen event forces them to.

As both are nuclear armed violent societies, the world needs to hope above all hopes for a peaceful resolution to current events, beyond a pause, beyond a ceasefire, well into the creation of a democratic state for all citizens, well into the creation of a global democracy where politicians and their militaries do not rule.

In the meantime, sumud in the face of a genocidal threat has served along with the resistance to ethnic tyranny. May peace eventually prevail.

– Jim Miles is a Canadian educator and a regular contributor/columnist of opinion pieces and book reviews to Palestine Chronicles.  His interest in this topic stems originally from an environmental perspective, which encompasses the militarization and economic subjugation of the global community and its commodification by corporate governance and by the American government.

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