India Sides with Israel in Unprecedented Anti-Palestine Vote at the UN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Photo: File)

After decades of standing behind the Palestinian people, India under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has tilted in Israel’s favor.

A glimpse of this realignment was witnessed at the UN last week when Bombay’s representative at the global body voted in favor of Israel over a decision to grant consultative status to Shahed.

The Palestinian human rights NGO lost its bid to join the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in a 28-in-favor and 15-against vote by member countries.

Israeli diplomats were overjoyed. “Thank you #India for standing with @IsraelinUN and rejecting the request of terrorist organization “Shahed” to obtain the status of an observer in #UN. Together we will continue to act against terrorist organizations that intend to harm” tweeted Maya Kadosh, Israel’s deputy chief of mission in India.

The vote marks an unprecedented step in relations between the two countries. India’s history in the anti-colonial movement made the country a strong ally of the Palestinian cause.

Previous Indian prime ministers, including the country’s founder and revered leader Mahatma Gandhi, had opposed the Zionist state believing it to be a colonial enterprise. 

Under Modi, however, India has made a radical shift and aroused right-wing Hindu nationalists who are known for their anti-Muslim hatred.

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  1. This extreme tilt of Modi administration towards Israel is a big foreign relationship blunder game of the Modi administration which is fully lacking knowledge in diplomacy and international relationship.

  2. In Support Palestine claim of 2 nations and self determination which it had done in past too and will do so in future too . And if both listen than may even think to mediate to something which both party can agree upon wholeheartedly but that doesn’t mean that India is supposed to please either one every time it has its own existence and its own thinking and if their are rumours of the NGO having close ties with terrorist organization under such circumstances India is not gonna favour for it coz rumours can be false but can be true too and this should not be taken as India is against Palestine cause India support Palestine for its cause and care about concern of Israel too

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