Israel Backs ‘Carte Blanche’ to Kill

The Israeli war minister advocates operational latitude for its army amid mounting condemnation of the Zionist regime’s massacre of the Palestinians.

"We must give the IDF (Israeli army) the full backing to have the freedom of action," Ehud Barak said on Tuesday, AFP reports.

He claimed that the carte blanche was "in the interest of anyone fighting terrorism," repeating the Israeli accusations against the Palestinian resistance movements.

Under a similar plea, the IDF launched a full-scale aerial and artillery bombardment of the Gaza Strip last winter, leaving more than 1,400 Palestinians dead and thousands of others injured.

The UN Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) on Friday endorsed a report which held the Israeli army responsible for deliberately killing Palestinian civilians and committing other war crimes during the offensive.

The adoption of the report and fears that any follow-up action may result in the arraignment of Israeli leaders and war commanders, prompted impassioned reactions from Tel Aviv. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that we will not agree to a situation in which" those who authorized the war "will be called to the defendants’ benches at The Hague."

Also on Tuesday, Netanyahu "instructed the relevant government bodies to examine a worldwide campaign to amend the international laws of war to adapt them to the spread of global terrorism."

By making such irresponsible comments, the officials of the Zionist state appear to be declaring a world war on whoever challenges their persistent war crimes and atrocities against the Palestinians, especially in the besieged Gaza.

(Press TV)

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