Israel to Destroy 2000 Olive Trees near Bethlehem

Ancient olive trees in Palestine. (Photo: Social Media)

Israeli occupation authorities approved the destruction of thousands of trees between the western entrance of the town of Taqou’ and the entrance of the village of al-Minya, southeast of Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, said a local activist.

Hasan Brijiyeh, a local anti-settlement, anti-wall activist, told WAFA around 2000 fully grown olive trees planted in an 80-dunums of land located along a 1600-meters long and 50-meters wide street between Taqou and al-Minya areas will be cut down by Israeli authorities.

Israeli forces have recently stepped up their arbitrary measures against the town of Taqou, including the expropriation of land, closure of main entrances, and arrest of children and youth.

(Middle East Monitor, PC, Social Media)

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    • Destruction of beautiful healthy trees is poison to our atmosphere – There is enough damage, destruction, death without blatantly destroying the very things that give our planet it’s atmosphere so that we can breathe – Kyrie

      • DON’T TELL ME, ISRAEL IS “JEWISH.” ISRael is couinterfeit.


        Do not destroy fruit trees (wantonly or in warfare) (Deut. 20:19-20).

          • Nancy Skinner I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately, the bullies, sanctioned and financed by America, have the power to do virtually anything they want. When the reckoning occurs is, unfortunately, not something that us mere humans know.

          • They do it because the trees are a means of survival and heritage and by doing so they crush the spirit of the people occupying the land.

          • Hey Steve, once the trees are gone, you can’t replace them with another tree that’s already o w hundred years old
            If you don’t believe that Israel would do much a hateful thing, you have been living on another planet for years….

          • Of course they don’t destroy olive trees. Never. They are not olive trees. No humans are treated unfairly; only people who happen to be not chosen. Denial is a great way to proceed when you are a partisan- the enemy is always wrong, and don’t love their children as WE do.

          • Exactly. Everyone is upset on both sides. Were any of you here 2k, 4k, 6k etc years ago. THAT’S A BIG NOOOOO!. Were you there for all of history to see and decide whose right and wrong. Have not all people in history had their eyes, ears, mouths, minds, hearts, souls tainted with lyes and truth intertwined like mating serpents. Quit closing yourself and harding yourself to a greater purpose in all this. Show love and kindness to everyone instead of spewing distainment. I promise everyone this: The truth Always comes out whether we are here for it or not. Every moment each and everyone of us is here in existence is a complete miracle. So treat everyone and everything as such?

          • The biblical Israelites didn’t authorize this, their land is being occupied by pirates!!! Israeli aren’t G-D chosen people but the synagogues of the adversary just as their book declares….

    • Since Jerusalem is a city of David , Palastian occupance remains illegal.
      We were ordered by our government to vacate our land for refugees after 40yrs settlement.Israel correct to ressume all their God given land if they are to Please God ,”land owner”.

      • I believe if you check your history you will see that Jerusalem was founded by the Canaanites before the Hebrew tribes moved into the area. Your G-d is our G-d and the G-d of several religions. If G-d is the land owner then everyone is only a renter. I have no use for supremacists of any flavor. They can only feel proud and powerful if they see someone else as less than them. Sad and cherry picking the Bible to suit their agenda.

          • Please do not put all Americans in one group. I support Humanity. All humans deserve to be treated fairly. I do not agree with the way Palestinians are treated. I am Roman Catholic and I follow the old Testament. I am not alone in this thinking. As far as terrorist are concerned, they are not human.


        • I am so ashamed about this ! I hope they don’t cut my trees from Getsemane Garden , which are 2000 years old now; for My Family and I planted those olive trees there!

        • Karen…. 1000 pct agreed… Furthermore G.D is what is… So pretending to possess GD and reducing Her to a religion is just showing how arrogant and narrow minded those people are…

        • The people that were originally in the land are dead. The Hebrew people defeated them in battle over 3000 years ago. Palestinians aren’t remnant of some long ago destroyed civilization. Jordan, Egypt and Syria all have a part to play since they decided against absorbing refugees from independance war of 1946, and the 6 day war. News were absorbed throughout the world when Roman’s rejected them 2000 years ago. But the Arabs couldnt absorb them into their populations over the years. They will not be allowed back because it not a defendable position. Jews would be murdered on the streets if they allow the Palestinians into open quarters. They are thought from birth to hate Jews and Americans

          • The lower halves of your eyes are brown, Realmanne, because that’s how high it’s risen in you. Unless you think the indigenous people of the area were wiped out, of course the Palestinians are the remnant. They have a right to live in an autonomous enclave or country, and your position is unacceptable.

      • Ever thought about why they call themselves jewISH???
        Because they are not the Real Jews…
        Ever thought about why they call themselves Israelis???
        Because they are not the Real Israelites….
        Israelis is NOT in the Bible….
        One Time….
        Open your eyes and stop Blindly following what was TOLD to you….
        Think sometimes…. It helps

        • Ever thought about why they call themselves jewISH???
          Because they are not the Real Jews…
          Ever thought about why they call themselves Israelis???
          Because they are not the Real Israelites….
          Israelis is NOT in the Bible….
          One Time….
          Open your eyes and stop Blindly following what was TOLD to you….
          Think sometimes…. It helps

          • So, the English are not really from England, and the Irish I’m not really from Ireland, and the Danish I’m not really from Denmark. I could go on and on with this nonsense, or with your nonsense

        • The so-called Jews running Israel are Ashkenazi. Described by David Ben Gurion as “proselytes” they originate from an area between the Black and Caspian Seas. Converts to Talmudic Judaism around 750AD, they dominate Western ‘Jewry’ and are in the main secular and atheistic and manipulatiive of Western governments who continue to beat their breasts over the ‘Holocaust’. It’s they who founded Communism (Bolsheviks). They are not semitic and have no roots in Palestine. The idea of a Jewish state is complete heresy (Book of Jeremiah) and Orthodox Jews of Neturei Karta openly burn the Israeli flag in protest against it. Netanyahu (real name Mileskowieski), Liebermann etc. are Ashkenazi.

      • It’s against the Jewish religion to have a Jewish state. And there was never Israel back many years ago! Look at all the old maps! Just because someone is living there does not mean u can’t also live there in peace. Will that land be with you in the grave. No. The judgement will be with all the people you hurt for earthly things

        • We are all sacks of meat floating on a rock in space – and we are killing our rock. Who does destroying more trees help? It doesn’t help you. It doesn’t help anyone. All it does is exert dominance for the sake of greed. No one wins. It’s this kind of thoughtless behavior that makes me ashamed of my lineage.

      • Little do you evil wights know of the people of David. God is able to raise children to abraham from dry bones but HE apparently can’t do much with Zionists. From long before the days you came to believe you were given another people’s lands and began the work of slaughter and rapine, you have strayed from the path of God. He loves you no less and no more than any other of his children but your sense of both persecution (often true) and privilege has poisoned your understanding and clouded your mind just like every other person on earth. No better, often worse because you are called to something better.

      • Could God in HIs almighty wisdom, goodness and power not have given the Jews a planet or even a galaxy instead of a small strip of land surrounded by enemies and which was already inhabited? Not much of a present if you ask me.

        • Did God REALLY give them anything? Remember the Jews wrote their own books, which they ripped of from Babylon.

      • Jacob then demanded a blessing, and the being declared in Genesis 32:28 that, from then on, Jacob would be called יִשְׂרָאֵל, Israel (Yisra`el, meaning “one that struggled with the divine angel” (Josephus), “one who has prevailed with God” (Rashi), “a man seeing God” (Whiston), “he will rule as God” (Strong), or “a …

      • God is your myth. The Earth is my temple, those trees believe the same religion as I. Palastine is not occupying, Zionist Jews are.
        If we are to follow your logic, then Native Americans should do the same?
        You shame my Jewish blood.

      • Shouldn’t they instead welcome anyone and everyone? Could be a test to see how well Israel treats other people. Not every person is a terrorist, most people are loving individuals.?

      • Why a City of David? Jerusalem was around millennia before David. Only PART of the city is called the City of David. But then, you knew that already, because you know everything, don’t you? Ironic that David threw stones, but now Israelis see stone-throwing as a particular kind of crime. David is now more like a Palestinian boy, and Goliath more like an Abrams tank.

        • How sad that the ONLY thing living today that could actually have been in Israel at the time of King David it’s olive trees.

    • we’ve boycotted goods stampedIsraeli coming out of palestine, so they’re not worth anything ?

    • I am not afraid of politics: It would appear that the ruling Jews of Israel/Palestine have learned nothing from their history other than to be selfish, murdering plunderers.

  1. Outrageous! for the Palestinians and for the world’s climate. Every day we learn how beneficial these old-growth trees are to local and world climate!

  2. I love olives and olive oil. A few years back there was a shortage. Bastards. I guess Trump doesn’t like olives.

      • Trump vows to “protect Israel at all cost”. No matter how corrupt and unjust their government. And it’s BULLSHIT!

        • Why do you all want to blame Presedent Trump for everything that happens? Do you people not realize he is only doing what he said he would do….MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN. Let them cut their damn trees down if they want, and just leave Trump out of it.

          • Trump is not try to make America great again it always been great but I no he might not have anything to do with the olive trees but he has been trying to kill of our wild life that most of our wild life is going to be going in a few yrs of not sooner u all think he great but when ever thing is gone u see who regrets that they put him there in the president position u need to open up ur eyes a see the truth he not for great things he for getting rid of our beautiful things he not good for our country to be so destructive to land and animal and ourway of life me just see bad things to be with him as our president

      • I know, right? What an inane statement from a lefty, trying to extend there ridiculous beliefs and feelings to the Middle-east.

      • Trump is Israel’s foremost apologist. The Israeli behavior toward Palestinians is abominable. It’s not just the destruction of Palestinian olive orchards, but the arrest of Palestinian children without habeas corpus, the destruction of Palestinian homes, the theft of their property, ground water … whatever they can do to make life for Palestinians miserable. Their crimes are crimes against humanity. There is no better example of this in our present century.

    • It’s not our Trump == it’s Israel’s “trump” Netanyahu… and it’s a Palestinian thing… Not saying it’s this but maybe… like destroying the land so the Palestinians can’t grow food… This is why I say… quit reading the Bible. It’s not about today. There are so many places where “God” says destroy every stranger (non-Jew) in your land. 2,000 years later, we all need to learn how to get along with each other and quit killing…

      • You’re not God and apparently you don’t understand the Bible! I’ll pray that He will open your eyes and educate you.

          • Amen Alfredo. The Bible can be informative and beneficial in many ways if people don’t try to use it to justify their prejudiced and limited selfish perspectives. You would think after thousands of years of people claiming that G-d is on THEIR side and not on the Others people would catch on.


          • That’s because it wasn’t their history in the first place. Do your research and seek out who they really are

        • Yes. and I remember where the Bible says to cut down all the trees and destroy everything. I forget which chapter it’s in but I do recall that it said cut down all the old olive trees because nobody needs them anymore. It’s in big print I remember. Stamp out the damn olives it says. It’s a Jewish thing. They don’t drink martinis

    • That’s the dumbest comment. This is about the devastation of ancient trees being destroyed for no good reason. No one cares if you like olives Susan, you’re not important. And Trump had literally NOTHING to do with this, gtfo.

      • trump has everything to do with it because trump supports everything israel does if he didnt israel wouldnt do it educate kid educate

  3. It does not say the reason. Are they sick trees? Were they spreading a disease like a fungus?

  4. How can I get copyright to use this beautiful picture of the olive tree in a chapter I am writing for a book on the olive tree? Please advise.

  5. Unless there is something wrong with the trees this is destructive to the environment, removing employment of workers, and just another example of Israeli occupation of land without working to a two state solution for Israel and Palestinians.

  6. The pirate ‘State of Israel’ – still committing crimes against humanity since 1948!

    That country is the only country in the world that engages in the blatant theft of land & property & NEVER paying ANY compensation for it at all!

    Yes,there are Jews outside the pirate ‘State of Israel’ who want nothing to do with it at all – & they also condemn in the strongest terms possible about the crimes against humanity in Gaza & the West Bank.

    • How can you still your own land.
      Go study history.
      The only thieves are those fake “palestinian”.
      Israel gave two thirds of its territory for the creation of a “palestinian” sate name Jordan.
      Leave Israel alone west of the Jordan river and there will be no arguments any longer.
      The fake terrorist nation “palestine” is trying to grab more land.

  7. Deuteronomy 20:19 When thou shalt besiege a city a long time, in making war against it to take it, thou shalt not destroy the trees thereof by forcing an axe against them: for thou mayest eat of them, and thou shalt not cut them down (for the tree of the field is man’s life) to employ them in the siege:

    20 Only the trees which thou knowest that they be not trees for meat, thou shalt destroy and cut them down; and thou shalt build bulwarks against the city that maketh war with thee, until it be subdued.

  8. Lies lies and more lies. Instead of inventing lies try to improve your education and educate your young to love.

  9. Whoever destroys a single tree is considered by Scripture to have destroyed the whole world, and whoever saves a single tree is considered by Scripture to have saved the whole world.

  10. They fail to mention the Palestinians have a 5 year strapped with a bomb hiding behind every other tree

    • keep telling yourself that as you keep molesting their children. From where I stand, the Palestinians, apart from expressing the trauma of the brutal occupation of the land by interlopers with violence, appear to be truer children to Abraham than Zionists who act like wolves in sheep’s clothing. And yeah, I know it’s isn’t its. Nobody’s perfect but that’s not an excuse to repay genocide with genocide.

  11. Maybe let the Jews have their promised land then there would be peace. Once again Muslims trying to play the pity card yet are happy to kill and maim themselves. The trees are probably diseased like the ones in Italy but yeah use it as an excuse to slander Jews why not!

    • This is why I follow Jesus but stay away from knee jerk block head “Christians”. You only know the story that has been presented to you. This is why so many young people are leaving the churches in the USA. Open your eyes and ears. There are certainly enough bad guys and good guys on both sides of the Palestine/Israel argument. You are assuming that all Palestinians are Muslim. You do know that 1/5 of Israel is not of Jewish, Correct?

      • OK, if 1/5 of Israel is not Jewish (I think it may be even more than that), that tells me it’s not the Jews who are unwilling to live at peace with others. However they do have the right to defend themselves from people who want to destroy the entire Jewish population and the nation of Israel.

  12. Wow, you all have no idea what you’re cussing about.
    They are bombing/stabbing/killing us and I don’t heard shame on them.

    We move a bit to the right and the whole world goes berserk.
    Hypocrites. Learn your facts BEFORE you type.

    • Israel used to call itself the only democracy in the Middle East, Is that still true? [I sympathize with the violence suffered on both sides and I understand a little bit since I have had family and friends murdered (and not by Palestinians or Israelis) I honor the memory of a little girl blown up in her home in Gaza and an elderly woman killed in a bus bombing years ago. As someone stated earlier You are cutting off your nose to spite your face

    • Hmm the 2re 4rm one Dad Abraham different mum Sarah and Haggi,I will always stand for peace/unity between Sara children and Haggi children.They are children of Abraham.Ismeal and Issac today.I believe if the two brothers should agree and accept the truth which they knew inside them and set outside muslim Christian things behind and follow the truth there will be peace amongst them..If God chose to give your brother from your portion and you saw it was written and said by thesame God of Abraham then leave it for your brother for the peace of the two both of you.your reason for this is because God Himself gave it to them.i dnt think the whole world together can take it from them becoz ofGod.

  13. I pray that these trees will be saved, blessed as they are bringing us food and oxygin, they say that trees are the holy wathers of times

  14. This goes against Jewish “law” as the Bible says no tree should be cut down:
    Deuteronomy “When you besiege a city for a long time, making war against it in order to take it, you shall not destroy its trees by wielding an axe against them. You may eat from them, but you shall not cut them down. Are the trees in the field human, that they should be besieged by you?

  15. Freedom for Palestinians! End Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory! My voice for the Standing spirits. Save the olive trees.

  16. It’s a lie designed to agitate and conflict.
    Israel has no reason to destroy trees near Bethlehem or anywhere else.

  17. This propaganda from Israeli hating people. Israel are in the forefront of championing foracean,heathy environment. How can this be!

  18. This bullshit *excuse my language. Im not from this world but i feel for the people of Israel. It’s the same as Joshua trees in the desert of Las Vegas through California. Mine as well take those trees out. They are as important as the Olive trees in Israel. Trump has nothing else better to do but fuck with people’s shit. That’s why Americans don’t have any historical shit cause they all about Power, destruction, money and GREED! Take what you need and leave the rest alone. Protect your History your Country, your Land and your People. We are fighting for our land as well.

  19. Consider the source. ‘Palestinian’ does not exist. There are no people named ‘Palestinian’!

  20. Guys, pretty sure that is an ancient olive tree from the Garden of Gethsemane (look up pictures on Google images). That is not one of the trees that is going to be cut down!!!

  21. This is another lie to all lies. You do not bring a document confirming this lie. This site is all “Palestinian” propaganda. There is no such thing with Palestine. Palestine is one big lie

  22. For the love of GOD! Please not the garden of Gethsemane,where our Lord prayed he might not be murdered on the cross. PLEASE,dONT TAKE THAT FROM CHRISTIANS,MESSIANIC JEWS AND THE WORLD! WE LIVE YOU! PRESERVE HISTORY!

  23. This is untrue so no worries for the trees. Just disinformation – check yourselves on google. There is a destruction of trees by Jewish outlaws which is what the quote inside the text refers to. If this response is published I will be surprised…

  24. Shame on all of you phony bastards.You don’t care about trees or you wouldnt launch rockets into them all the time. You just hate Jews. You don’t deserve a state.

  25. If you honestly believe thst God would approve of pretty much ANYTHING the Israelis have done, are doing or will do, you have an EXTREMELY WEIRD CONCEPT IF “GOD!” God would lijely not even support the concept of land ownership! *smdh*

  26. All this is, is a way to make enemies. Until ghe saw it bulldozer start removing the trees, it’s jyst a story. What about all the trees that USA ?? has cut down for urban growth. Where were all you crybabies back then? Hippocrates

  27. Why are those trees being cut down? Is it because they are standing in way of the coming 5G network? Cutting down trees has been reported in other locations, where the deadly 5G network is being installed.

  28. Frankly, what’s god got to do with it?? The destruction of over 2000 trees by man at the decision of man is the responsibility of man and is quite simply wrong. No need to drag anyone’s dogma into the action of men.

  29. When will this happen and why? What is Israel’s reason? Anyone have a link so we can verify this story?

  30. It is amazing that the Jewish community actually still pounds on Germany for what the Nazis did to them. Here the lovely Jews behave just like the Nazis! Steal land they do not own, kill innocent people take their possessions and put them into concentration camps. What is the difference between them and the Nazis? Zero just as nasty as them.

  31. When thou shalt besiege a city a long time, in making war against it to take it, thou shalt not destroy the trees thereof by wielding an axe against them; for thou mayest eat of them, and thou shalt not cut them down; for is the tree of the field man, that it should be besieged of thee? //

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