Israeli Journalist Mocks British Victim of Alleged Cyprus Gang Rape

12 Israeli suspects were arrested last week. (Photo: File)

A veteran Israeli journalist has come under fire after mocking the British victim of alleged gang rape by twelve Israelis in Cyprus.

The twelve suspects were arrested last week after a 19-year-old British tourist alleged that she was raped at a hotel in the popular resort of Ayia Napa where she and the Israelis were staying.

“Oh, she was used to two or three, and all of a sudden twelve, that’s the breaking point?” Roni Daniel, an army correspondent and commentator, said during a radio discussion.

The senior journalist was responding to local police reports which allege that the victim had consensual sexual intercourse with three of the suspects.

More than 700 complaints were made about Daniel’s comments, with women’s rights organizations expressing outrage over his remarks.

Daniel later issued an apology on social media.

All twelve suspects face charges of rape and conspiracy to commit rape.

(Al-Araby Al- Jadeed, PC, Social Media)

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  1. What would you expect than a sick comment like that from the ‘zio chosen one’….
    I say castrate these 12 mfs…. But obv this won’t happen as they belong to the ‘chosen bigade’

    • In a good court of law, justice does not hinge on such questions as “Who deserves this or that”? Issues such as ethics, legal avenues, and moral dimensions of a court case focus on facts, research driven data, proven truths, and the veracity of each witness.

    • Still want to “castrate those 12 mfs”? The truth be damned? You’re so self-righteous…

  2. Put them down like the animals they’ve chosen to be. Try them, convict them sling a rope over the nearest yardarm or lamp post & END THEM.

    • So, Mr. policeman, jury and executioner – who needs the presumption of innocence when a woman is making an accusation? Believe All Women – right? Imagine if you had the power and did just what you proposed above, what should your punishment be? Be brave and daring – tell us, what do you deserve?

    • Robert Franklin (as if thats your name) You are a mentally ill moron. If you don’t care about the truth you are worse than the courts current standing decision.

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