Israeli PM: ‘A Palestinian State Would Mean a Terror State’

Naftali Bennett addresses the Israeli Knesset. (Photo: Video Grab)

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday that “a Palestinian state would mean a terror state,” during a joint press conference with Germany’s outgoing chancellor Angela Merkel, according to Israeli media.

Merkel reiterated Germany’s traditional position, saying that she believes that a two-state solution remains the best way to end Israel’s decades-long conflict with the Palestinians.

“I think that on this point, even if at this stage it seems almost hopeless, the idea of a two-state solution should not be taken off the table, it should not be buried … and that the Palestinians should be able to live securely in a state,” Merkel said.

“A Palestinian state would mean a terror state,” Bennett said in response to Merkel’s remarks. “Based on our experience, the meaning of a Palestinian state means that very likely there will be established a terror state, roughly seven minutes from my house and from almost any point in Israel,” he added.

Merkel reiterated Germany’s commitment to Israel, despite some disagreements on the Palestinian Issue, Haaretz noted.

“We sometimes disagree on questions such as whether there should be a two-state solution with the Palestinians,” Haaretz reported Merkel as saying,”but we agree, I think, that there must always be a vision of a lasting democratic Jewish State of Israel.”

(Palestine Chronicle, MEMO, Social Media)

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  1. And according to Naftali Bennett (who has killed many Arabs in his lifetime, and is very proud about that), before the arrival of European Zionist terrorists into the Palestinian homeland, which had already existed for over 1600 years prior to their unwelcome arrival, what sort of ‘terror’ were the Palestinians creating against other groups of people around them? No, it’s actually Naftali Bennett’s people, the Zionists, who perfectly represent the definition of ‘terror’, by stealing away Palestine in such a savagely violent manner, and then creating the apartheid, genocidal Jewish supremacist state of Israel.

  2. As for the Palestinians, they are doing whatever is possible (with nothing more than rocks, homemade rockets, and a small quantity of rifles) to resist the horrifying ‘terror’ (Palestinian Holocaust) which Israel (armed to the teeth with the most sophisticated and destructive American military weapons) has subjected upon them for the past 73 years.

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