Young Palestinian Man Buries His Murdered Fiancée a Month Before Wedding (VIDEO)

The fiancé of Dania Adas, stands at her body and recites the Holy Qur’an. (Photo: via Social Media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

A video clip showed touching scenes of a young Palestinian man’s farewell to his fiancée, who was killed in the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, a month before their wedding date.

A picture of the young man, the fiancé of Dania Adas, was spread across social media platforms as he stood at her body and recited the Holy Qur’an. 

Other footage showed him crying in agony and looking at her body, which was wrapped in a white shroud instead of a wedding dress. 

Adas’s uncle published a picture of her fiancé as he bid her farewell on Facebook and wrote,

“He reads the Qur’an for the soul of his fiancée, the martyr Dania Adas, my sister’s daughter, who was supposed to give him the hand of his bride a month from now. May Allah grant you patience.”

Ensaf Habib wrote, 

“What did he mutter to her before her final resting place? Did he tell her about his wish to see her in a white dress in the hereafter? Did he tell her how much he longed for their life together in the marital nest and under one roof! Perhaps he admonished her for why she let go of his hand .. “ 

Wael Abu Omar commented, 

“The (Israeli) occupation planes and missiles turned the white dress of joy into a white shroud. God’s mercy.”

(Al Jazeera Arabic, PC)

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