Jewish Home Party Threatens to Block ‘Jewish Nation-State’ Bill (VIDEO)

Israeli far-right politician Naftali Bennett. (Photo: via MEMO)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared yesterday that he hopes to see the coalition government pass the “Jewish nation-state” bill before the summer break, reported Haaretz, but the Jewish Home party announces it will vote against the bill unless a controversial clause asserting the primacy of Jewish jurisprudence is reinstated.

The clause was removed from the draft legislation at the request of Yisrael Beytenu and other parties in the coalition.

Three sections that have yet to be finalized including the section permitting the establishment of towns for Jews only (which already exist in practice), the section reducing the status of the Arabic language from “official” to “special”, and “and the section instructing judges to look to precedents from Jewish legal rulings in instances where Israeli law offers no guidance”.

Committee chair MK Amir Ohana (Likud) told Haaretz:

“We are making feverish efforts to bring the coalition parties to an agreement. We will make sure that the nation-state bill will be a meaningful bill that will bring good news to the Jewish people’s only nation-state.”

(MEMO, PC, Social Media)

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  1. The threat risk of antisemitism is holding us in chains. PURE DEMOCRAT, uphold the constitution and the right to free speech observation and opinion. If there were over-tones”of antisemitism, then the same must equally be true for Nazism; are we not supposed to hold opinions about Nazism either?. Israel, the most psychopathic criminal Nation on this planet must not be allowed to white wash themselves from history using the false rhetoric and allegations of antisemitism, when sane people of the World speak in recognition of Israels criminal culpability.

  2. In the name of sanity, and justice for Palestinians the World of democratic Nations, and the U.N. in particular, must counter those who are calling for the U.S. to accept Israel’s claim of sovereignty over Jerusalem and other religious sites in the West Bank by unequivocally rejecting the legitimacy of religious nationalist claims based on military conquest. Recognition of or acquiescence to such profane claims will only serve to perpetuate religious conflict. History makes clear that the use of religion to justify the use of force is antithetical to civilization and, in the nuclear age, an intolerable threat to our collective human existence.

  3. Dear Minister, the crass stupidity and ignorance you exhibit by continuing to repeat the BS directed by the obvious prevarications superating from the U.S. propaganda machine, which even blind Freddy and his dog have recognised as false, serves best to underline the fact that the Liberal coalition must not be trusted at the next election. By insensitively continuing to poke the borax at the Russian President (the only stand-out President of good policy intent in the World) you indicate your intentions to be no less than armed conflict with Russia; you are propagating dangerous war-like rhetoric which does nothing for peace and security on Earth, and you need to know that many other people feel as I do. We pray your verbal incontinence will cease; we do not need more War. Yours Sincerely, Thomas W. Adams.

    “Westerbeke’s letter destroys the Obama Administration’s version of events, which The Australian dramatically and unquestioningly reported on 13 August 2014:

    “Shocked US officials watched as they received real-time satellite images showing a Russia-supplied BUK missile being fired at Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine. US Secretary of State John Kerry revealed yesterday the Americans then saw the airline vanish from sight. … ‘This type of weapon, all the evidence of it was seen on our imagery … We saw the take-off. We saw the trajectory, we saw the hit. We saw this aeroplane disappear from the radar screens. So there is really no mystery about where it came from and where these weapons have come from.’”

    Westerbeke’s information proves this was a lie!

    He told Dutch daily NRC on 19 December 2015, “Satellite images showing how on 17 July flight MH17 over Ukraine was shot out of the sky by a rocket do not exist. There has been a misunderstanding about this … There is no conclusive evidence from intelligence services with the answer to all the questions.” (Emphasis added.) He elaborates in his letter: “To date the JIT has no satellite images of the launch of the missile. Because of clouds usable images are not available from the firing location at the time of day when the MH17 was shot down.” He also indicates that the US government is withholding what incriminating evidence it does claim to have: “Raw primary radar data could potentially provide information on a rocket trajectory”, he writes, but “JIT does not have this data … The US authorities have data generated by their own security forces, which could potentially provide information on a rocket trajectory”, but under a smokescreen of protecting “state secrets”, they have thus far refused to share it with Dutch civil authorities.
    By contrast, Russia handed its own radar, satellite and communications data to crash investigators from the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) in August 2014. The DSB ignored it, and Westerbeke seems to indicate that its format renders it unsuitable for his team’s purposes; but, he notes, his office is “discussing [it] with the Russian authorities” nonetheless. Oleg Storchevoy, deputy head of Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, has publicly offered to send all data again if need be. Ukraine has supplied no radar data, claiming that none exists—in a war zone where its own military aircraft were operating regularly, with international flights passing overhead, the Kiev regime says that both its civilian and military radar systems just happened to be switched off that day.

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