Jewish Settlers Flood West Bank Farmlands with Wastewater

Illegal jewish settlements have been discharging their untreated sewage through Israel’s Apartheid wall near Jenin. (Photo: via Twitter)

Jewish settlers today flooded farmlands of the village of Jalboun, located to the east of the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, with wastewater.

Mayor of Jalboun Nidal Abu al Rub told WAFA that settlers from neighboring illegal settlements have been discharging their untreated sewage for several days through Israel’s Apartheid wall.

He added that the toxic stream of sewage that runs steadily has a devastating effect on the health and livelihood of Palestinians in the area, and urged human rights organizations to immediately intervene to bring this Israeli violation to an end.

The sewage submerging farmlands, and the rancid smell engulfing the area and mosquitoes swarming it often force farmers to desert their farmlands, which are subsequently seized for the expansion of Israeli colonial settlements.

Israel’s Apartheid wall has negatively impacted Palestinian water resources, which are already devastated by continuous Israeli theft and illegal dumping of toxic waste.

According to a report issued by the Bethlehem-based, Applied Research Institute, “(Illegal Jewish) settlements don’t have wastewater treatment plants and instead dump their wastewater onto the Palestinian villages”.

“Untreated wastewater”, the report continues, “is one of the biggest pollutants in the West Bank, contaminating streams, springs, and other water sources”.

(Palestine Chronicle, WAFA, Social Media)

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  1. Disgusting pollution of West Bank villages: Israeli settlers can’t even deal with their own waste – they are now attacking Palestinians with their own sewage. What a primitive and repulsive way to conduct war. But the continual bombardment at all levels must be condemned internationally, and stopped.

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