Jewish Settlers Raid 2 Palestinian Elementary Schools

Jewish settlers, escorted by Israeli army, routinely raid Palestinian villages and schools. (Photo: via

A group of Jewish settlers attempted to raid two Palestinian elementary schools, on Tuesday afternoon, in the Tuqu village, southeast of the southern occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem.

Locals told Ma’an that heavily armed Israeli forces escorted a group of Jewish settlers, who were gathered holding Israeli flags near the two mixed elementary schools, attempted to break in.

Sources mentioned that teachers and school staff prevented Israeli settlers from entering the premises and closed the main gates.

The attack caused panic among the students, forcing the two schools to dismiss them early, in fear that the Israeli settlers would become violent.

No injuries were reported.

It is noteworthy that the Palestinian Ministry of Education released its annual report for 2017 documenting the Israeli government’s violations against Palestinian education, saying that 80,279 Palestinian children and 4,929 teachers and staff were “attacked” by Jewish settlers or soldiers.

According to the report, nine students were killed, while 603 students and 55 teachers and school employees sustained wounds during Israeli raids into schools or by being run over by Israeli military jeeps, while dozens of students suffered from suffocation due to inhaling tear-gas fired by Israeli forces against them.

(Ma’an, PC, Social Media)

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  1. Lies lies lies. Arab teenagers stand outside the school and throw rocks on passing Jewish cars and school busses every single day. No one in their Arab Tequa community stops it or condemns it. Yesterday they smashed all the windows and Jewish school kids on bus suffered from shock, trauma and anxiety. The Jewish parents protested and blocked the street outside the school for one hour at noon.
    No Jew attempted to enter the Arab schools, which are run by Hamas supporters.

    • Here we have an utter Zionist troll failing to realize that Zionists inherently are not Jews. Where is there any mention of Zionism in ANY scripture??? So God assigned a nationalist/terrorist ideology being Zionism to invade, and commit genocide against the indigenous Palestinian people for seventy plus years?? Dream on with your sick hubris/ hasbara. Hey lapdog, rocks would not be thrown if the IDF was not murdering men woman, children, medics, and journalists everyday, supporting land theft and illegitimate settlers targeting all Palestinians…plus you have the majority of the Knesset ran by xenophobic killers/thieves who deserve to be dragged to the Hague, and tried for war crimes.

  2. Settlers = illegitimate terrorist sociopaths. These subhumans have always been a stain upon Judaism since there actions reflect the true evil that permeates Israeli society. This cult of hate will be removed at some point, hopefully with brute and decisive force.

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