Lebanon Reports Israeli Violations to UN

Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora has sent two letters to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon accusing Israel of violating Lebanese sovereignty through threats and of refusing to turn over maps highlighting locations of cluster bombs, a statement from his office said.

"The first letter was in relation to Israeli threats and violations and the second was in relation to cluster bombs," the statement said.

"Siniora affirmed that Lebanon is the victim of Israeli occupation and that the threats … do not exempt Israel from implementing its responsibilities according to Resolution 1701," the statement said.

"There is no excuse whatsoever for any aggressive action Israel might undertake against Lebanon in the future," it added.

Israeli jets repeatedly overfly Lebanon in violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which brought an end to Israel’s devastating 2006 war against Lebanon’s movement Hezbollah.

The United Nations has called on Israel to stop violating Lebanese air space, saying the over-flights undermine the credibility of U.N. peacekeepers in south Lebanon and compromise efforts to bring stability to the region.

Israeli cabinet ministers have warned recently that Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure could be targeted in any new war, now that Hezbollah has secured veto powers in a national unity government.

Siniora also called for increased international support for de-mining efforts and "for continued pressure on Israel to turn over maps and locations of where cluster bombs were dropped" in the 2006 war.

At least 40 people have been killed by these bombs since the end of the war.

(AFP via Alarabiya.net)

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