Ministry of Health: 1600 New Cancer Cases in Gaza Annually

Dr. Khaled Thabit, the head of Tumor Department at Gaza’s Shifa hospital, said there are more than 1600 new cancer cases reported in the Gaza Strip annually.

He added that some 160 new cancer cases are discovered on monthly basis, to be added to the already discovered cases, noting that there is increase of certain type of cancer, such as Colon cancer, due to polluted food.

Thabit clarified that the Colon cancer is the first reason of cancer among men and the second among women in the Gaza Strip, keeping in mind “the miserable situation of cancer patients in the Gaza Strip.”

He continued, “Israel threw more than 70 tons of uranium on Gaza during the 2008-9 offensive, which increased the number of cancer cases in addition to the wrong practices of some farmers.”

Thabit noted that the number of cancer cases among the younger generation, adding, “In the past cancer used to be discovered among those aged 50-60 years, but today there are (growing number of) cancer cases aged 35-40 years old.”

He concluded that 15% of cancer surgeries are transferred outside the Gaza Strip due to the lack of medical equipment in Gaza due to the siege.

He revealed that 60% of cancer patients in Gaza are denied entry into Israel.

Ibrahim Alayoubi, the head of the committee to build a caner hospital in Gaza, noted that efforts are made to build a cancer hospital in Gaza, urging for acceleration of efforts as the situation is worsening.

(PC, Palestine Today)

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