Nasrallah Blasts Silence to Israeli Brutality

Hezbollah’s secretary general blasts the international community for accepting Israeli aggression towards the Palestinians and the Lebanese.

"Israel is a racist state; a state which was invented; a state which was placed at the heart of our region that is respected by the whole world and the whole world expresses its understanding of its brutality and its killing of thousands," said Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

"The G8, the Security Council, and the entire world expressed their understanding of the Israeli act," he added in a televised speech on Friday.

The resistance leader made the comments in commemoration of the prisoner swap operation which led to the release of five Israeli-held Lebanese in exchange for the remains of two dead Israeli soldiers last year.

In July 2006, Israel used Hezbollah’s detention of the troopers as an excuse to place southern Lebanon under large-scale artillery and aerial bombardments, killing over a thousand mostly Lebanese civilians.

"Does Israel have the right to destroy Lebanon for as many as two prisoners that Hezbollah took?" Nasrallah asked.

The exchange operation was named al-Radwan after Haj Radwan, nickname for the assassinated Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh, whose killing is widely blamed on Israeli intelligence operatives.

Among those released was Samir Kuntar who had endured two years shy of a 30-year prison sentence by Israel.

Nasrallah said thousands of Arab nationals including women were still in Israeli detention, decrying the Arab inaction vis-à-vis such an ordeal.

(Press TV)

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