Netanyahu: Killing 300 Protesters in Gaza Was ‘Wise’ Decision

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: File)

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel used force “wisely” in the Gaza Strip, as Israeli soldiers have killed “more than 300” Palestinians near the eastern fence of the besieged enclave.

In an interview with Israel Hayom, Netanyahu said:

“More than 300 Palestinians have been killed near the border when they tried to breach the fence and abduct our soldiers. We have used force wisely, and powerfully.”

Netanyahu also said that his government’s policy led Hamas, the ruler of the besieged Strip, to suffer the severest economic crisis.

He said:

“They [Gazans] are in enormous economic distress, and Hamas is in check and wants some quiet so it can stand up to the huge pressure in Gaza.”

He added:

“The economic distress is its own problem, but the humanitarian distress is our problem. Issues with sanitation, disease, things that could make their way to us. So we’re saying: Prevent problems from occurring and create deterrence. The goal is deterrence, but so is preventing environmental and humanitarian problems that could harm Israel.”

Asked how to “deal” with Gaza, Netanyahu replied:

“The real choice is to occupy and govern Gaza. You don’t have anyone to give it to. I won’t give it to Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas].

He added:

“The connection between Gaza and [the occupied West Bank] has been broken. They are two separate entities, and I think that in the long term, that’s not something that’s bad for Israel.”

Netanyahu also said:

“Abu Mazen brought that upon himself. He cut back the influx of PA funds [to Gaza]. He thought that by doing so, he could send Gaza up in flames. We would pay for the occupation of Gaza with a heavy loss of life, and on Israel’s back he [Abbas] would get Gaza on a silver platter. That won’t happen.”

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  1. There’s beauty in the captured land
    That’s burning to be free
    Trapped between cold metal men
    And a haunted, hungry sea.
    There’s beauty in a frightened child
    Crying but unheard,
    Whose spirit beats against the cage,
    A frantic fledgeling bird.
    Beauty in a people
    Who love and laugh and give
    As skies explode in fire and fear
    Forbidden now to live.
    Beauty in the courage
    To rage against the dark,
    Eternal flaming love of home
    The unextinguished spark.
    No beauty in the soul that grinds
    Innocence to dust.
    No beauty in the frozen heart
    Cold blood and hot bloodlust.
    No beauty in the genocide
    We close our eyes to see
    No beauty in the apathy
    Of you and me.

  2. What blows me away is how long this is allowed to continue. But then like cuba,iraq,iran whereever the yanks set up a blockade it seems the world just blindly accepts that its a just blocade

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