Netanyahu Praises US for Axing UNRWA Funding (VIDEO)

Palestinian students in a school of the UNRWA. (Photo: via Facebook)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has thrown his support behind the US decision to pull funding from the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA), accusing the aid group of inflating the number of refugees it assists.

Speaking at Yad Binyamin on Sunday, Netanyahu said UNRWA is “perpetuating” the plight of refugees and that by pulling funding, the US is “finally beginning to solve the problem.”

Netanyahu said:

“It is a very important thing. We have to cancel the refugee institution, we have to take the money and really help to rehabilitate the refugees, whose real number is only a tiny fraction of the number reported by UNRWA.”

The US government announced on Friday that it deemed UNWRA to be “irredeemably flawed,” and would, therefore, withdraw all financial backing for the refugee group. In 2016, the US contributed US$355 million to UNWRA. Earlier this year, it released $60 million of its allocated funding for 2018, prior to announcing the cuts.

Other governments have responded to the US decision with disapproval, with the European Union calling it “regrettable.”

The EU wrote in a statement on Saturday:

“The regrettable decision of the US to no longer be part of this international and multilateral effort leaves a substantial gap and we hope that the US can reconsider their decision.”

Ireland’s deputy prime minister, Simon Coveney, didn’t mince words when responding to the US move, calling Washington’s decision “heartless and dangerous.”

Germany also responded to the move, with Foreign Minister Heiko Maas saying it is “currently preparing to provide an additional amount of significant funds ”to UNRWA, as losing the agency could “unleash an uncontrollable chain reaction.”

Jordan’s government also chimed in, with Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi saying his country will rally for support of the agency.

He told Reuters:

“Disruption of UNRWA services will have extremely dangerous humanitarian, political and security implications for refugees and for the whole region.”

Some people took to Twitter to denounce Netanyahu’s declaration of US support, with many accusing the Israeli prime minister of being part of the problem.

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  1. This pathetic little praise session has gone on all year. AMN news 2day heading “US works to prolong Syria conflict to defend Israel interests.”
    100% no war between Turkey & Syria over Afrin. Remember PYG & SDF is armed by USA… they deliberately want to create conflict to weaken a country & in the weak state rule. This is why I always pray for TURKEY/SYRIA/IRAN/RUSSIA de-escalation zone agreement to hold strong & make sacred… United we stand … divided we fall. USA was arming 30.000 SDF for border security-> this enraged Erdogan & I fully supported Operation Olive Branch as a result. SDF & YPG are USA armed & not to be trusted.

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