‘Observing the Helicopters’ – Quds Brigades Releases Latest Video

Al-Quds Brigades released a new video. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The latest video by Al-Quds Brigades tells a much bigger story than that of the ongoing resistance in the besieged Gaza Strip. 

The four-minute video is divided into three parts, the monitoring of Israeli military vehicles in the supply routes east of Khan Yunis, the shelling of Israeli presence in that region, and the evacuation of the wounded. 

The video is revealing for several reasons: 

One, it indicates that the frontlines of the Palestinian Resistance are still solid and they are able to execute their operations with precision despite the disproportionate power between the two sides. 

Two, it indicates that the communication lines between the units of the Resistance are still functioning and elaborately so. For an operation of this nature to be conducted and communicated, requires several layers of communication between several groups of fighters, those who monitor and report to headquarters, those who order the operation, those who execute and those who develop and share the videos. 

Three, the video is shot east of Khan Yunis, thus close to the Israeli border with Gaza, which also indicates that the Israeli military is still failing to even protect its movement or the movement of its soldiers in areas that have allegedly been secured long ago. 

Below are the notes provided by Al-Quds Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Jihad in Palestine Movement, as conveyed through the Resistance News Network Telegram channel. 

The text below is published in its original form, the reference to Saraya Al-Quds below is the Arabic translation for Al-Quds Brigades.

Targeting Israeli Supply Lines

“Watch: Saraya Al-Quds displays scenes of artillery and missile fortifications targeting the positioning and supply line of the Zionist enemy soldiers east and northeast of Khan Yunis.


0:21 – Monitoring the movement of military vehicles on the supply line east of Khan Yunis.

0:46 – Monitoring the movement of military vehicles on the supply line east of Khan Yunis.

1:10 – Monitoring the movement of military vehicles on the supply line east of Khan Yunis.

2:10 – After the operation of monitoring and reconnaissance of the supply lines east and northeast of Khan Yunis the fighters of Saraya Al-Quds bombarded the supply line and gatherings of enemy soldiers with a number of rockets and mortar shells achieving precise hits. The arrival of a number of planes and ambulances to evacuate the dead and wounded was observed. 

2:50 – Observing the rocket shells hitting their targets precisely. 

3:24 – Observing the rocket shells hitting their targets precisely. 

3:55 – A Zionist ambulance evacuating the dead and wounded. 

4:04 – A helicopter evacuating the dead and wounded from the scene of the operation.”

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  1. It appears that a miniature Vietnam war is being waged by the Israelis. We all know how that turned out. There appears little left to destroy by bombing. There are no “hearts and minds” to be won in Gaza.

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