Palestinian Women March against Gender Violence (VIDEO)

Palestinan women protest against gender-based violence and oppression. (Photo: via Social Media)

Several demonstrations organized the collective Taliaat of Palestinian women along with Palestinian communities took place this Thursday evening, to protest against gender-based violence and oppression affecting Palestinian Women.

The demonstrations mobilized women and human rights activists in various cities across Historic Palestine and the diaspora including among others the Palestinian cities of Haifa, Ramallah, Gaza, Nazareth, as well as Beirut in Lebanon and Berlin in Germany.

Hala Marshoud, an activist in the movement, told Arab 48:

“Taliaat is a scream from Palestinian women that starts today in different places across the country and abroad to demand an end to all forms of gender oppression and to stop postponing the issue of the violence against women until after national liberation.”

Marshoud added:

“Our scream today is to say that women’s cause and their emancipation must be at the core of the Palestinian liberation discourse.” 

Taliaat (Going out in the streets in Arabic), a movement created by a group of independent Palestinian women, seeks to build a comprehensive and inclusive Palestinian women’s movement involving all places of Historic Palestine and the Diaspora, to fight against patriarchy and all forms of violence facing Palestinian women, with a emphasis on the idea that the liberation of Palestine cannot be achieved without the liberation of women.

Palestinian activist Rania Haj Yahya told  Arab 48:

“The problem also starts with education at home, we must teach our children that violence is not the way to solve the problems and accordingly, we must keep ourselves away from violence.” 

Activist Kholoud Abu Ahmed expressed her satisfaction with the wide participation, as hundreds of women and girls were part of the demonstration to make their voices heard.

The protests follow the brutal killing of 21-year-old Israa Gharib by members of her family last month.

In Palestine 28 women and young women have been killed this year only and last year, 35 Palestinian women were murdered according to official figures.

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