Playing with Stones

By Shyamalee Mahibalan

(Inspired by the work of Edward Said)

Your stones fly like medieval armor across the barbed wire fence.
A fence that says yours and mine.

One stone for no running water. One for shelling and bulldozing. And one for the land that’s not yours anymore.

Nameless, rootless stone thrower, an occupier, a terrorist, a fanatic.
You can’t run away from flying shells and missiles
No more crying for the sound of sonic boom,
Instead marvel and rejoice.

No more placards, no more demonstrations,
Instead carry your identity cards.
Your house is now gravel and dust
Enjoy the comforts of the camp.
No family, no friends just three stones in your pocket,
Eight year old stone thrower you’re treading dangerous grounds.
If you fail to disarm the next thing you know you would be crushed.

– Shyamalee Mahibalan is a Sri Lankan journalist and a writer based in Singapore. She published a book of poetry, dedicated to victims of repression across the world. She contributed this poem to

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