Protesters Attack Nikki Haley over Palestine (VIDEO)

Students at University of Houston, Texas, protesting against a visit by US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley. (Photo: via Twitter)

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley received the wrong kind of welcome at the University of Houston, Texas, when she was met with chants accusing her of having blood on her hands and of signing off on genocide in her support for Israel.

University of Houston students protest Nikki Haley over Gaza killings

"Nikki Nikki can't you see,you are on a killing spree."Pro-Palestine students dedicated a chant to the US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, during a speech at the University of Houston over Washington’s stance on Palestine.

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Haley was mere moments into her speech at the university on Tuesday and had just referred to the “very busy few weeks in American foreign policy” when she was interrupted by a protester shouting, “Nikki Haley, the blood is on your hands.”

“Oh jeez,” a visibly nervous Haley said as the protester continued to shout, “you continue to sign off on the genocide of a native people”.

“Nikki, Nikki can’t you see, you are on a killing spree!” a number of protesters shouted. “Haley, Haley, you can’t hide, you sign off on genocide.”

Students for Justice in Palestine and 12 other groups released a statement explaining their issue with Haley’s presence at the university.

The statement said:

“Nikki Haley’s spiteful actions before and during her time as ambassador to the United Nations demonstrate her blatant discrimination against Palestinians and blind eye to injustices around the world. Nikki Haley has worked relentlessly to block the UN Humans Rights investigation into Israel’s murderous crimes in Gaza, which resulted in 109 dead and thousands more injured, including children, women and the disabled.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu called on Haley to shut down UNRWA, the UN body responsible for the welfare of 5 million Palestinian refugees. — Ramzy Baroud, Arab News

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Haley has emerged as a staunch supporter of Israel in her role at the UN. After Israel killed more than 60 Palestinians at the Great Return March protests last week, Haley defended its “restraint” at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council before walking out of the room when Palestinian envoy Riyad Mansour began speaking.

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