Rachel Corrie: The Struggle Continues

The parents of an American victim of Israeli settlement activities in occupied Palestine have filed a lawsuit against the Israelis responsible for their daughter’s death in 2003.

Rachel Corrie’s parents, Craig and Cindy, are pursuing a trial in an Israeli court to bring to justice those responsible for their daughter’s tragic death, a Press TV correspondent reported on Tuesday.

The parents also mentioned the role of the United States government in the trial and investigation into Rachel’s tragic demise, which occurred when she was run over by an Israeli bulldozer while kneeling in front of a Palestinian house in protest against its being razed to make way for Israeli settlements.

“Even though our government said that they were trying hard to get an investigation by the Israelis into Rachel’s death; that was not forthcoming. In fact, Prime Minister Sharon promised President Bush a credible and transparent investigation into Rachel’s killing, and it is a position of our government that [it] has never taken place,” said Craig.

Despite the Corries’ demand for an investigation into their daughter’s death, the United States officials and their Israeli counterparts have failed to seriously address the issue.

“High-level officials of the US government asked questions of their counterparts in Israel about Rachel’s case, but what we were told in the writing from the US State Department is that those questions went ignored or unanswered,” said Cindy.

She pointed out the fact that when it comes to funding Israel, the United States government makes sure all-out support is provided.

“We, with arm-tax dollars, are funding what is happening to the Palestinians. We are funding the Israeli military; the equipment we believe we paid for the Caterpillar bulldozer that killed Rachel. And it is very disturbing to us that there seems to be no problem communicating about the funding that we provide, and yet basic answers to questions about Rachel’s case are not forthcoming,” Cindy added.

Many people may know Rachel for the way she died, but her parents will also remember the “really important work” she left for them to do — which is to stop not only what is happening to Palestinians, but to other people in “the broader part of the world to also have equality, freedom and justice as a part of their lives,” Cindy concluded.

(Press TV)

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