Rage, Mass Protests Throughout Middle East after Israeli Massacre in Ahli Hospital

Tens of thousands of Arabs and Muslims took to the streets in spontaneous reaction to the Israeli massacre of hundreds of civilian at Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza. (Photo: Aljazeera, screenshot)

Following the news of the Israeli massacre at the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza, spontaneous protests erupted in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, throughout the Middle East and the Arab world.

An estimated 500 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds more wounded in an early estimation of the unprecedented casualties resulting from the Israeli strikes targeting displaced Palestinian civilians inside the hospital. 

‘Expel Ambassadors’ 

Tens of thousands of protesters joined the numerous rallies taking place throughout the region, demanding that their governments remove Israeli ambassadors and expel Western ambassadors who have taken pro-Israeli stances.

In Amman, Jordan, hundreds of protesters have attempted to storm the Israeli embassy, setting fire to the walls and the gates near the entrance.

Jordanian security forces clashed with protesters, and threw teargas canisters, in a desperate attempt at dispersing them. 

Thousands of Tunisians rallied near the French embassy in Tunisia, calling on their country to immediately remove the French ambassador.

Similar scenes were repeated in Mauritania, Yemen, Iraq, and throughout Turkey, in addition to other Arab and Middle Eastern countries. 

Anger at the PA 

In Ramallah, thousands of Palestinians rushed to the streets, protesting the Israeli massacre while hundreds of others clashed with Israeli soldiers in various parts of the West Bank. 

Al-Mayadeen Television showed a member of the Palestinian Authority declaring to protesters that he is quitting his jobs in solidarity with Gaza. 

What is Al-Ahli Hospital that Israel has Just Bombed in Gaza? – EXPLAINER

The mounting tensions in the West Bank have largely been directed at the Palestinian Authority, seen by a growing number of Palestinians as a collaborating institution.

Many statements attributed to PA President Mahmoud Abbas sounded similar to statements by less committed world governments, where he urged both sides to show restraint, while insisting that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Israeli warplanes struck the Al-Ahli hospital, also known as Al-Mamadani, and hit a large crowd of Palestinian civilians sheltering there. 

What We Know about the Israeli Massacre at the Christian Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza


Numbers vary. But it is estimated that at least 500 Palestinian civilians, mostly women, children and elders, have been killed in the devastating Israeli strike.

Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, and many other Arab and Muslim countries have issued strong statements in condemnation of the massacre. 

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