What We Know about the Israeli Massacre at the Christian Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza

Israel bombed the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza, which hosted thousands of fleeing civilians, killing at least 500 Palestinians. (Photo: Supplied)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

“This is madness, this doesn’t happen in war,” a spokesman for Palestinian hospitals told Aljazeera, following a bombing by Israeli warplanes of a Christian hospital in Gaza.

Numbers vary. But it is estimated that at least 500 Palestinian civilians, mostly women, children, and elders, have been killed in a devastating Israeli strike at a Palestinian hospital in Gaza City. 

“It is a great massacre,” a spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health said in a statement to the media. He indicated that neither Al-Ahli nor other hospitals can deal with the consequences of this massacre. 

What Happened?

Israeli warplanes struck the Al-Ahli hospital, also known as Al-Mamadani, and hit a large crowd of Palestinian civilians sheltering there. 

These civilians had fled their homes in recent days on the urging of the Israeli military who told more than 1 million Palestinians to flee the northern region and to seek shelter elsewhere. 

As the media was just learning of a devastating attack on a United Nations-run school in the Al-Maghazi area in central Gaza, killing and wounding dozens, the news of the Al-Ahli hospital took the attention from other massacres taking place in other UN, civil defense shelters and other hospitals in the Strip.

Video footage showed the early moments when Israeli bombs hit the center of the hospital. Aljazeera correspondent, Wael Dahdouh, said that the type of bombs used in this attack is different from previous bombs. 

“Previous bombs are intended to penetrate deep in ground,” he said. “This time around, they used targeted missiles that are able to create as much damage as possible above ground.”

‘It is Madness’

A spokesman for Palestinian hospitals told Aljazeera that to save lives they are forced to amputate as many people as possible in the streets, in parks, and in parking lots. 

It is unclear how many people have been killed as estimated hundreds were also hit outside the hospital, as evidenced in the pools of blood in the whole area.

Health workers and journalists described terrifying scenes of body parts scattered all around the area, saying that hundreds of dead bodies are yet to be recovered.

A doctor told Aljazeera that wheelchairs of sick Palestinians were found with mangled and decapitated bodies of elders, children and other wounded.

“It is madness,” the hospital spokesperson told Aljazeera. “I could have never imagined to experience something like this in my life.”

“This has not happened with war, anywhere in the world.” 

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