What is Al-Ahli Hospital that Israel has Just Bombed in Gaza? – EXPLAINER

Israel bombed the Ahly hospital in Gaza on October 17, killing hundreds of Palestinians. (Image: The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Established over a century ago, Al-Ahli Hospital is the second oldest hospital in the Gaza Strip. Sources say that the hospital was established in 1882. 

The hospital was founded by the Church Mission Society of the Church of England. Later it was managed by the medical mission of the Southern Baptist Church. That was between the years of 1954-1982. 

Since the early 1980s, the Evangelical Episcopal Church of Jerusalem has taken over the hospital’s management. 

Al-Ahli hospital, which used to be called Al-Mamadani, is headquartered in Al-Zaytoon neighborhood, south of Gaza City. It is one of the major medical centers in all of Gaza, as it provides medical support for thousands of Palestinians, especially poor, working-class families. 

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In the early days of the Israeli war on Gaza, Israel warned various hospitals, including Al-Ahli that they must evacuate, and that hospitals will be bombed.

The management of various hospitals in the Strip, however, refused to evacuate, due to the critical conditions of thousands of Palestinian civilians who have been targeted by Israeli bombs since the start of the war on October 7. 

On Saturday, Israel reportedly bombed the hospital’s Diagnostic Cancer Treatment Center. 

Palestinians then began sounding the alarm that Israel is serious about its threats to target Palestinian hospitals. 

The issue became more urgent when thousands of Palestinian civilians took shelter in Al-Ahli and other hospitals. 

What Do We Know about the Israeli Massacre at the Christian Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza

Those displaced Palestinians were forced to flee their homes, following Israeli military orders that the entire north of the Gaza region – estimated at over 1 million Palestinians – must be evacuated. Most, if not all of those that were killed at Al-Ahli were either displaced Palestinians, patients, or their families. 

Protests immediately erupted throughout the Middle East following the news.

US President Joe Biden and other western leaders are flocking into Israel to show ‘solidarity’ with Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government.

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