Remembering the Massacre at Deir Yassin 74 Years Later

Over 250 Palestinians were massacred in the Palestinian village of Deer Yassin in 1948. (Photo: via MEMO)

On this day in 1948, hundreds of armed Zionist militias from the Irgun and Stern paramilitary organizations walked into the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, near Jerusalem, and carried out a brutal massacre.

Deir Yassin was a peaceful village. Its less than 1,000 residents enjoyed a degree of economic prosperity. The village was famous for its limestone-cutting business.

But all that peaceful life was turned upside down after the massacre, where 250 and 350 local Palestinian residents were brutally killed. The majority of the victims of the massacre were women, children and the elderly.

After being taken prisoner, many villagers were paraded through Jerusalem’s Old City by the militias in order to widely publicize their “victory” in Deir Yassin. In several other Palestinian villages, Nakba survivors reportedly fled after hearing about the massacre in Deir Yassin, fearing similar violence.

Others who survived, fearful and terrified, left their homes and properties to seek shelter elsewhere. They became just another number in the still ongoing uprooting of Palestinians from their homes. No one has ever been held accountable for the Deir Yassin massacre.

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