Satellite Images Reveal Details of Israeli Ground Operation in Gaza – Al-Jazeera

An Israeli tank near the northern Gaza border. (Photo: via AL-JAZEERA)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

An investigation conducted by Al-Jazeera Network analyzed satellite images to reveal data about Israel’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip. 

The high-quality satellite images, taken during the period between November 1-10, showed the exact number of Israeli military vehicles in the Strip, their precise locations, and their advancing lines. 

The satellite images themselves could not be published due to the standards imposed by the companies which provided the data, the news network said.

However, this important information can be extracted from the reports:

  • On November 8, the total number of Israeli military vehicles amounted to 295, recording a decrease of 88 vehicles compared to November 3, when the number of military vehicles was counted at 383. 
  • (It is worth noting that Abu Obeida, the military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades – the armed wing of the Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas – announced the complete or partial destruction of 136 military vehicles in the Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun axes.)
  • The last access point for the Israeli occupation was registered in the Beit Lahia axis, northwest of the Gaza Strip, on November 8.

  • The invading Israeli forces took schools as their operations centers.
  • Satellite images showed that the Israeli military’s armored vehicles were stationed in seven schools, namely Ibn Sina, Khaled Al-Alami, Sami Al-Alami, Al-Awda, Sarafand, Al-Zahawi, and Isdod.
  • The Israeli army positioned an average of 10 to 15 vehicles in each school.
  • On November 6, the images showed the presence of six reconnaissance ‘Heron0 aircrafts and another of unknown type.
  • The Israeli army deliberately gathered vehicles next to each other in an area surrounded by sand berms for cover.

The Israeli army continues its attempts to penetrate the Gaza Strip, accompanied by intense bombardment. 

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israel has, thus far, killed over 11,180 Palestinians, including 4,609 children. 

The Israeli army continues to pound civilian homes throughout the Gaza Strip with new massacres reported everywhere in the besieged enclave.


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