‘Shot to Pieces’: This is What Happened to US Special Forces When They Entered Gaza

Col. Douglas Macgregor speaks to American political commentator and show host Tucker Carlson. (Image: Screenshot)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Retired US Colonel Douglas Macgregor spoke to American political commentator and show host Tucker Carlson on his popular social media show ‘Tucker on X’ on Wednesday.

Macgregor revealed some shocking details about direct US military intervention in Gaza, one that turned into a disaster for the Americans.

Col. Douglas Macgregor is a retired US Army colonel and government official.

This is what he said:

“We are relying on special forces and right now, 2,000 Marines. And perhaps, 2,000 special forces and special operation forces. 

That’s not good to make much of a dent, and we have seen quite recently, over the last 24 hours or so. Some of our special forces and Israeli special forces went into Gaza (… ) They were shot to pieces and took heavy losses, as I understand.”

On October 22, the US news website AXIOS wrote that “2,000 US special forces were deployed to the Middle East”, adding that “they’re unlikely to serve in combat roles”.

Two days earlier, on October 20, the White House shared a photo on its X page showing US President Joe Biden shaking hands with covert Delta Force teams operating inside Israel, but the photo was reportedly taken down one hour after publication. 

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  1. Most people in western countries are being fed extremely biased news, painting Israeli people as the innocents-but most western governments are pandering to their US masters. Many ordinary people don’t believe this lie.
    I think that the genocide taking place in Gaza is truly horrendous as do many others.

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