This Is How Palestinian Resistance Fighters Entered Israel from Various Points – VIDEOS

Palestinian fighters infiltrated Israel from multiple directions, using various forms of transport, including parachutes. (Photo: via social media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Who would have imagined that the Palestinian Resistance would enter Israel from multiple directions, using various forms of transport, including parachutes? 

More baffling still is that the Palestinian fighters, belonging to the Hamas movement, have managed to capture many Israeli soldiers and force the Israeli military to evacuate several bases in the southern region. 

Videos emerging from Israel and Gaza showed all of this and much more, following a surprise Palestinian attack at Israeli military positions and border settlements on Saturday morning. 

Some videos showed Israeli settlers running in large numbers in the middle of an empty land, somewhere south of Israel. 

Another of many Israelis rushing to the Ben Gurion airport seeking escape. 

Other videos, copies of which were received by the Palestine Chronicle showed zero-distance clashes between Palestinian fighters and Israeli police and military in various towns. 

Israeli media reported that clashes are taking place in seven different towns and settlements. 

Other reports suggest that the Palestinian Resistance has managed to strike at 21 different military positions. 

This is truly unprecedented, not even during the Israeli-Arab wars of the past, where Israel often emerged triumphant, or, at worse, somewhat bruised. 

Images showed cars carrying members of the Palestinian Resistance. Around them are terrified Israelis screaming, while speaking in Hebrew. 

In Ashkelon, video footage documented a huge explosion in front of a building as the fire spread to cars lined up on the street corner.

Videos also showed Israeli buildings on fire while Israeli media reported that Hamas fighters continue to roam the streets of various Israeli settlements. 

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz quoted a police source as saying that Palestinian fighters were holed up with hostages in a house in the settlement of Ofakim, west of Bir Al-Saba’ (Beersheba).

Videos and photos showed the capture of Israeli soldiers. 

Videos, which will not be shared due to their graphic nature, showed dead Israeli soldiers, in Gaza, in military camps, in the streets of Israeli towns.

More to follow .. 

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