South Africa’s ANC Reaffirms support for Palestinians

'As (we fought) against the apartheid government, we have always found continued support and strength from Palestine.'

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) has said it continues to work for the “freedom of the Palestinians”.

In a speech in Johannesburg City Hall on Saturday during an event to mark the International Day of Support for the Rights of Palestinians, ANC spokesperson Khusela Sangoni-khawe said:

“We are pledging our support and committing ourselves to continue working with the people of Palestine and all progressive people of the world until, truly, the freedom of the Palestinians is recognised.

“The ANC will continue to stand on the side of all oppressed people of the world whose human rights are violated,’’ she stated.

Speaking at the same event, Nomantu Ralehoko, convener of the ANC’s International Relations Committee in Gauteng province, said they would continue to offer support to the government and people of Palestine as they strive towards nation building and freedom.

She said the relationship between South Africa and Palestine is a historic one which dates back to South Africa’s dark days of apartheid.

“As South Africans fighting against the apartheid government, we have always found continued support and strength from Palestine. Now that we have realised our freedom, how can we forget those who have supported us?” she said.

Palestinian ambassador to South Africa, Hashem H. Dajani asked the international community to put pressure on Israel regarding its Arab citizens.

“Israel should recognise the Palestinian Arabs in Israel as an indigenous national group that has the right within their citizenship to choose its representatives directly and be responsible for their religious educational and cultural affairs,” he said.


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