The Gaza Genocide Must Stop – Iranian President from Moscow

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. (Photo: Mohammad Hossein Taaghi, via Wikimedia Commons)

Ebrahim Raisi pointed out that “an act of genocide and crimes against humanity” were taking place in the Gaza Strip.

The situation in the Gaza Strip is a problem for all mankind, not just the Middle East, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said during talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

“The bombing (of Gaza) needs to stop as soon as possible,” the Iranian president noted. “Today, this poses a challenge not only to our region but also to all of humanity,” he added.

“Today, humankind is suffering from unilateral actions and an unfair international system. We can see a clear manifestation of this in what is happening in the Gaza Strip,” Raisi said.

The Iranian president pointed out that “an act of genocide and crimes against humanity” were taking place in the Gaza Strip.

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He emphasized that Israel’s actions in the Palestinian enclave had killed over 6,000 children.

According to Raisi, “the US and other Western countries are enabling these crimes.”

“It is a shame that international organizations, which are supposed to protect human rights, have lost their efficacy; and all this is happening before the eyes of the entire global community,” he said.

Since October 7, 17,177 Palestinians have been killed and more than 46,000 wounded, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.


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  1. This genocide will not stop because Washington and their coalition of the bribed, blackmailed and threatened are backing the psycho zionist regime. If the world wants justice, there is only one course of action:

    Israel needs to be stomped into a greasy spot on the pavement.

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