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The Second Palestinian Uprising: A Chronicle of a People’s Struggle”, published by Pluto Press in London, is now available in most bookstores and online at

“There couldn’t be a more timely era for such a volume than now”, explains Baroud, “with the world’s attention diverted to crises in other parts of the world, the Palestinian catastrophe has been disregarded by many, and while their plight swells, so do the levels of hunger, depression, domestic violence, unemployment, illiteracy, and so forth. This stricken nation deserves freedom, just like any other, and it is my hope that this new book will draw the much deserved attention that Palestinians have struggled for and have surely earned.”

“The Second Palestinian Uprising”, has earned the praise of scholars and international figures throughout the world, including the renowned intellectual, Professor Noam Chomsky, who said, “Ramzy Baroud’s searching, sensitive and thoughtful writing penetrates to the core of moral dilemmas that their intended audiences evade at their peril. He calls on us to face our immense responsibility for the bitter suffering of Palestinians, shamefully ignored by those who are quick to condemn the violence it elicits…few are spared his perceptive eye, and only the morally callous will fail to respond to his pleas to look into the mirror honestly, to question comforting beliefs that protect us from facing our elementary responsibilities, and to act to remedy the terrible misery and injustice that he exposes to our view, as we surely can.”

Covering the five year span of the uprising, “The Second Palestinian Uprising”, documents history making events from 2000-2005, from the brutal Israeli invasion of the Jenin refugee camp in 2002 to the untimely death of some of the greatest icons in the quest for Palestinian statehood.

Hanan Ashrawi complimented Baroud’s newest work, saying: “Ramzy Baroud’s work is a unique fusion of heart and mind, of passionate commitment and analytical intellect, of profound introspection and expansive criticism. With searing honesty, Baroud has the courage to broach subjects that are often excluded from public scrutiny or buried under piles of prejudice, cowardice, and taboos. His volume presents a compelling narrative of Palestinian victimization without being defensive or apologetic, and with no attempt at disguising or denying internal weaknesses and shortcomings. In the same way, Baroud exposes Israeli culpability, American duplicity, and international abrogation of responsibility with candor and uncompromising integrity.”

Ramzy Baroud is a veteran Arab-American journalist and former producer at Al-Jazeera Satellite Television. He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Baroud started his writing career as a young age and published his first book of Arabic poetry entitled, “Letters of Decision” when he was 18 years old. In 2002, he published “Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion” by Cune Press in the United States. This volume is his third such published work. He has also contributed to numerous published essay collections, magazines and journals. Baroud’s articles, commentaries and short stories have been printed in hundreds of newspapers worldwide, from the Washington Post to the Japan Times. He has made numerous media appearances, including interviews with the BBC, CNN International, Al-Jazeera Television, ABC Radio in Australia and Democracy Now in New York. He has spoken at dozens of universities around the world and has taught Mass Communication at Australia’s Curtin University of Technology. His work has been translated into scores of languages.

His latest volume is his comprehensive account of the momentous events of the last five years which shaped the political landscape not only of Palestine and Israel but of the entire Middle East region. Addressing the most controversial issues, including the alarming escalation in suicide bombings, and the construction of the Separation Wall, he reports on the huge rate of unemployment and hunger in the Occupied Territories — statistics so critical that NGOs compare their magnitude to African nations such as the Congo. From the brutality of the Israeli army to the ever-compromising nature of the Palestinian Authority, few are spared Baroud’s thoughtful critique. The book is clear and concise, with one chapter dedicated to the major events of each year, and includes a comprehensive timeline.

Norman Finkelstein also praised Baroud’s work, saying, “In this curious blend of passionately subjective yet dispassionately objective journalism, Ramzy Baroud chronicles the unfolding of the second Intifada in masterful prose. Almost no one is spared his caustic pen: neither the brutal rampages of Israelis through Khan Yunis and Jenin nor the dirty backroom deals of Palestinian leaders selling Israel cement for the Apartheid Wall. Only the Palestinian people, in their quiet, grim determination, emerge from Baroud’s scathing but heartfelt portrait with dignity intact.”

Ramzy Baroud’s book is now available in bookshops in the US, Britiain and elsewhere, and can be ordered on the web via and, among other websites.

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