Theft, Sexual Harassment and Espionage: Another Israeli Arrested in Türkiye

Antalya Airport. (Photo: via Wikimedia Commons, file)

Another Israeli was detained in Türkiye only a few days after nine Israelis were questioned on suspicion of sexual harassment.

The arrest this time, however, was linked to theft.

The Israeli citizen was arrested last Sunday at the Antalya Airport in the Turkish city on suspicion he had stolen an ancient bell from a museum, according to Turkish authorities.

According to Turkish media reports, the Israeli, who was on his way back to Israel, denied the change.

He claimed that he ‘purchased’ the bell in good faith and had a receipt for it.

The Israeli was held for questioning by Turkish officials as of Sunday night.

“The man, however, claimed that he bought the item in a local market for $100, presenting a receipt and saying it is a mass-produced product,” Middle East Monitor reported.

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Sexual Harassment

Last month, a number of Israelis were arrested immediately upon landing in Istanbul after a flight attendant from the plane they arrived on from Israel complained that she had been sexually harassed, the Israeli Jerusalem Post reported.

“Among the (nine) detainees were two .. men from Sderot and seven from Rahat and the Bedouin diaspora,” the Israeli newspaper reported.

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In 2021, an Israeli couple, named Natali and Mordy Oaknin, were accused of espionage after they were caught taking photos of the residence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Their arrests, “almost caused a diplomatic crisis between Türkiye and Israel,” the Post reported.

The release of the two Israelis was only achieved following direct intervention and mediation by Israeli President Isaac Herzog.


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