Three Horrific Massacres in Gaza Today: What We Know So Far

Israel carried out massacres in three refugee camps in Gaza. (Photo: via Social Media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Israel carried out several horrific massacres on Tuesday in the refugee camps of Jabaliya, Shati and Nuseirat, in the northern and central Gaza Strip.

A final death count remains unknown but Gaza Ministry of Health estimates have placed the number of those killed and wounded in Jabaliya alone at over 500. 

Jabaliya Massacre

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said on Tuesday that the Israeli army committed a new “horrific massacre” in Jabaliya, in the northern Gaza Strip, leaving hundreds killed and wounded.

On Tuesday afternoon, Israeli forces bombed a residential neighborhood adjacent to the Indonesian Hospital in Jabaliya.

The Ministry indicated that, according to a preliminary estimation, there were 500 casualties, between those killed and wounded. The number, however, may be higher because the area that was bombed was densely populated, according to the ministry.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, the ministry’s spokesman described the situation in the hospital as “catastrophic,” noting that the largest number of victims were children and women. 

The spokesman also said that the casualties of the Jabaliya massacre could match those killed when Israel struck Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City on October 17.

According to Al-Jazeera, the director of the Indonesian hospital said that the victims suffered burns and deformities that show that Israel used “internationally prohibited weapons” in the bombing, noting that the hospital will stop working completely tomorrow evening due to a lack of fuel.

The Ministry of Interior in Gaza said that it is estimated that the Jabaliya camp was bombed with 6 bombs, each weighing a ton of explosives, and that Israel destroyed a residential neighborhood in the center of the camp.

Al-Shati Massacre

Israeli airstrikes also reached Al-Shati refugee camp, near Gaza City. News reports speak of the destruction of several residential buildings while many families were still inside.

Rescue workers and volunteers are desperately attempting to save as many people trapped underneath rubble as possible, often using their bare hands.

Medical reports said that so far 14 bodies have arrived and scores of wounded. The number is expected to rise dramatically in the coming hours.

Nuseirat Massacre

Al-Mohandiseen residential building in Nuseirat was also struck by Israeli bombs.

Al-Mohandiseen is a multi-story building located in Nuseirat, in the central part of the Gaza Strip. 

Many families were reportedly inside the building when it was struck. Scores are believed to be killed and wounded.

This is a developing story. 

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