UN: Israel Planted Spy Devices in Lebanon

A UN investigation into explosions in southern Lebanon says that Israel denoted spy devices it planted on Lebanese after their discovery by Hezbollah resistance movement.

The two explosions over weekend occurred after Lebanon’s Hezbollah discovered cables used for spying in the al-Abbad area near an Israeli border post.

After the incident ,the UN peacekeepers in Lebanon (UNIFIL) were called out to investigate the cause of the blasts.

A first explosion was reported on Saturday evening and a second on Sunday morning. No injuries were reported.

"These do look like some sort of espionage device," Michael Williams, the UN special coordinator for Lebanon, told Reuters on Sunday.

The devices had been placed some 2 km inside Lebanese territory between the villages of Houla and Meiss al-Jabal.

If confirmed, the devices would represent violations of Security Council resolution 1701 which halted the 33-day war.

"Preliminary indications are that these explosions were caused by explosive charges contained in unattended underground sensors which were placed in this area by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) apparently during the 2006 war," UNIFIL said in a statement.

A Lebanese security official said they appeared to have been detonated by remote control from Israel.

UNIFIL said it had protested to the Israeli military about over-flights by drones while the Lebanese army and the peacekeepers were investigating on the ground.

Lebanese army troops opened fire on the Israeli drones, the UNIFIL statement said.

Williams said the use of drones was an obvious violation of Lebanese sovereignty and resolution 1701 "and not particularly helpful at a time of obvious tension in the south".

(Press TV)

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