Watch: Black Voices, Palestinian Voices (Palestine Chronicle TV)

Solidarity in graffiti highlighting the common struggle between Palestine and the Black rights movement in the US (Photo: File)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

“I was born a Black woman

and now

I am become a Palestinian

against the relentless laughter of evil

there is less and less living room

and where are my loved ones?”, wrote famed African American poet June Jordan in her poem “Moving Towards Home”.

“Tonight America is looking for an idol. Tell her not

to look in the White House. Direct her to the poems of June

Jordan, the diaries of Malcolm X, the survival of native

nations. Tell her idols are born, not produced. Remind America

of the idols she has murdered, exiled, silenced. Maybe those idols,

human and complicated, have some answers for us,” wrote Palestinian poet Suheir Hammad in her poetry collection “Born Palestinian, Born Black”.

Palestine Chronicle TV hosted a reading of poetry, statements of solidarity, and passages from the writings of Black and Palestinian intellectuals and activists, in a show of solidarity with George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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