Watch: The Moment an Israeli Military Bulldozer was Blown up inside Jenin

Moments before an Israeli military bulldozer was blown up in Jenin. (Image: Video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The Jenin Brigades released a new video on Saturday showing the moment an Israeli military bulldozer was blown up as it was in the process of destroying Palestinian properties in the refugee camp.

The Brigades, considered one of the strongest arms of Palestinian Resistance inside the Jenin refugee camp released the video with a statement that, in part, read:

“Scenes of the detonation of an explosive device of type (Tariq 1) of a military bulldozer during the battle of Bass Jenin – (the Strength of Jenin).”

The statement also said that explosive device was detonated by the engineering unit of the “Quds Brigades,” the main military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine.

The Jenin Brigades is considered a branch of the Quds Brigades.

Along with Hamas’s and Fatah’s military wings, the groups resisted the Israeli military invasion of July 3, which lasted for nearly two days.

12 Palestinians were killed, and 120 others were wounded, some of whom remain in critical condition.

The Israeli occupation army admitted to the killing of an Israeli soldier and wounding of another during the attack.

The Palestinian resistance claimed that Tel Aviv intentionally hides its casualties fearing political repercussions inside Israel.

Israel has used military bulldozers to destroy many streets and roads in Jenin to isolates the refugee camp of Jenin from the larger, adjacent town.

The result was the destruction in whole or part of nearly 80 percent of the camp, according to official Palestinian estimates.

Though Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the Israeli military objectives in Jenin were fulfilled, the Palestinian Resistance contest the claim.

Ramzy Baroud Tells TRT: Palestinian Resistance in Jenin Will Continue

In a unified statement by major Palestinian Resistance groups issued Thursday, the Resistance said that they continue to “prepare and equip at all levels in order to confront the Zionist enemy, at every incursion and attack on our people in Jenin, its camp and the entire West Bank.”

“With God’s help, we say to this enemy and its leadership that what comes after the battle of Jenin is not the same as before,” the statement added.

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