Reflections on Palestine – A Poem

Apr 9 2016 / 6:01 pm

By Stephen Brackens-Brinkley & Dorothy Dot Milnes-Simm

Beautiful the olive trees that grew in Palestine,
and beautiful the buildings rising up through branches fine.

Wonderful the people that were thrown into a cell
Israel’s the name that has built for them this hell.

Chosen was the olive branch to show forth life anew,
It was carried by a pure white dove that brought hope to Noah’s crew.

You say your God gave you this land which you have cruelly taken,
But from whence you came, before here now,
By all the world forsaken?

The oppressed became the oppressors, as the day turned into night,
Humanity, morality has long since left your sight.

You have your arms, impose your will, wielding technology’s might,
But, by all the world, the deeds you do, will NEVER be called right.

– Stephen Brackens-Brinkley, 56, is a Christian minister, teacher, counselor and Human Rights Activist. He actively supports dialogue and communion with all persons of faith and persons of good. He has been an ardent supporter of the Palestinian cause for many years. He currently resides in San Diego, CA, USA. He contributed this poem to

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2 Comments for “Reflections on Palestine – A Poem”

  1. Sanjeeda Bano

    Very impressive. Beautiful peom. Didn’t know Brother Stephen Brinkley was a poet , as well. A man of many talents, subhan’ Allah. Respect.

    • Stephen Brackens Brinkley

      Thank you for your heartfelt and most gracious remark, my dear sister in faith and Human Rights. The entire world community must be put on notice that it is impossible for any person to be moral and humane and support the horrendous human rights violations and atrocities that are daily being committed against the suffering people of Palestine, Syria, Yemen and other areas in our world. ANYONE who makes this claim and supports any individual or nation or government who is involved in this misery is a liar!. This support, either directly or indirectly, by direct commission or by being silent in the face of these attacks would constitute gross immorality and inhumanity, PERIOD.

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