A Sick Puppy is not a Charred Baby: How Israel Utilized AI to Frame Palestinians

Israel has been making numerous claims about alleged killing Israeli babies. Now, they are being debunked. (Photo: Social Media, AJA video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

American journalist Jackson Hinkel has debunked the charred baby photo published by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rightwing pro-Israel social media influencers, claiming it was of an Israeli child burned by the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas.

The American journalist revealed that the image of the alleged Israeli child belonged to a dog in a veterinary clinic that was falsified by artificial intelligence, but the Western media soon repeated Netanyahu and others’ lies without verification or evidence.

US President Joe Biden said a few days ago that he had seen pictures of Israeli children slaughtered by Hamas before the White denied that Biden had actually seen these photos himself.

Once again, the source was rightwing Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yet, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken continues to repeat Israeli lines about the Resistance’s killing of children, despite the fact that many of these claims have already been debunked.

The insistence of Blinken and other politicians biased towards Israel did not prevent some Western media from backing down from their position and admitting that they had heard about what Hamas had done to Israeli children, without seeing or verifying these claims.

CNN and the British Independent newspapers have done so.

CNN Reporter: ‘I am Sorry’ for Repeating Claims Hamas Beheaded Babies

Little mention is being made of the 700 Palestinian children in Gaza who have been killed along with their families in Israeli airstrikes.


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