All the Names of Palestinians Killed by Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza

Israel has killed 34 Palestinians, including children and women, in airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. (Photo: via Social Media)

On November 12, the Israeli army launched a major military strike on the besieged Gaza Strip. The initial attack targeted and killed an Islamic Jihad commander, Bahaa Abu al-Ata, and his wife Asma.

The attack continued and the death toll continued to rise as well. So far, 26 Palestinians were killed in Gaza as a result of the ongoing Israeli violence. 

Below are their names:

1. Bahaa Salim Hasan Abu al-Atta, 42 years old

2. Rani Fayez Rajab Abu el-Nasr, 35 years old

3. Ibrahim Ahmed Abdul Latif al-Dabous, 26 years old

4. Mohammed Atia Musleh Hamodeh, 20 years old

5. Abdullah Awad Sakeb al-Balbisi, 26 years old

6. Zaki Mohammed Adnan Ghanameh, 25 yrs

7. Jehad Ayman Ahmed Abu Khater, 22 years old

8. Khaled Muawad Salem Faraj, 38 years old

9. Abdul Salam Ramadan Ahmed Ahmed, 28 years old

10. Wael Abdul-Aziz Abdel-Nabi, 43 years old

11. Asmaa Mohammed Hasan Abu al-Atta, 39 years old

12.Ibrahim Ayman Fathy Abdel Aal

13. Alaa Jabr Abd Shtiewy, 32 years old

14. Suhail Khader Khalil Qunieteh, 28 years old

15. Islam Raafat Mohammed Ayyad, 19 years old

16. Raafat Mohammed Salman Ayyad

17. Amir Raafat Mohammed Ayyad, 8 years old

18. Ismail Aymen Fathy Abdel Aal

19. Momen Mohammed Salman Qaddoum, 25 years old

20. Mahmoud Daham Mahmoud Hathat (Unknown)

21. Ahmed Aymen Fathy Abdel Aal (Unknown)

22. Raed Rafeeq Ahmed al-Sarsawe (Unknown)

23. Unidentified

24. Unidentified

25. Unidentified

26. Unidentified

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