Israeli authorities have made the final decision to demolish the Palestinian village of Khan al Ahmar along with the ‘Rubber Tyre school’. (Photo: Oren Ziv, via ActiveStills.org)

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  1. I visited the Tyre School in 2018 by way of two buses and a walk along the Jerusalem-Jericho highway. The school was closed for the day by then but a lovely young girl showed us the way and we gave our meagre gift of pens and paper to the weary teacher. Afterwards a local woman took us ito have coffee with her family, all women except for children eager to learn and dad sitting on a mat outside their tent. Despite their obvious poverty, she insisted we had some flatbread to take back for our family. Nearly is the Israeli settlement with is fountains and stolen date trees. The Bedouin were so proud of the school.

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