Arab Inaction Over ‘Organ Theft’ Shocks Journalist

The Swedish journalist, who caused controversy by accusing Israeli troops of killing Palestinians for their organs, has criticized Arab countries for their lack of action regarding the humanitarian tragedy.

Donald Bostrom said on Saturday that the Arab indifference to Israel’s gross mistreatments of Palestinians has bitterly disappointed him. Bostrom said the least he expected was a widespread condemnation.

In his article, They plunder the organs of our sons, Bostrom mentions the names of 133 Palestinians, whose body organs were removed after undergoing autopsies in Israeli centers.

He believes a shortage of organs for transplant in Israel is the real cause behind the violent crime and mentions a 1992 government campaign to recruit new donors.

”At the same time that this organ campaign was going on, young Palestinian men were disappearing and being delivered back to their villages five days later at night, dead and cut open,” he writes.

Bostrom maintains that Palestinian youths are not the sole victims of the smuggling racket and that some Israeli firms have been behind such enterprises for much longer.

The Swedish journalist says he will not quit the story despite receiving hundreds of death threats.

(Press TV)

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