Banging Your Heart against Some Mad Bugger’s Wall

Palestinians know now that the source of their freedom is not found in the UN and western governments, but in themselves.

By Vacy Vlazna

Mohammed, now 6, and Jihad, now 4, have missed their mother, Shireen’s happiness that has been shrouded by grief over the past year, missed their beloved father’s voice, laugh, smile, presence, his good night kiss on their cheeks, his arms that held them close and safe. Also missing is justice for the heinous lynching of their father, Yousef al-Rammouni, 32.

The killers (like the killers who burnt to death the young Dawabshe family, Ali, 18 months, Sa’ad, 32, Reham, who died on her 27th birthday, leaving little Ahmed, 4, with searing physical and emotional scars) lurk behind the Zionist Wall of Impunity guarded by western governments.

On the Palestinian side, it is always peak hour on the roads to cemeteries and sorrow.

The Impunity Wall is gargantuan, spanning from 1948 to this very minute, every added brick a mixture of each killer’s psychopathy and devoided humanity cemented with official delusions of the divine right to plunder and kill.

Plunder and killing is a profitable Zionist industry. 92% of Palestinian land has been plundered and the remnant is divided into occupied ghettoes used as,

“a resource for Israel in two senses: economically, it provides a testing ground for the development of weapons, security systems, models of population control and tactics without which Israel would be unable to compete in the international arms and security markets, but no less important, being a major military power serving other militaries and security services the world over lends Israel an international status among the global hegemons it would not have otherwise.” — Jeff Halper

France is one of Israel’s top military customers and along with Germany is the largest European exporter of arms to Israel. Mimicking the Israeli ‘act of self-defense, France, in response to the Paris attacks, launched airstrikes on well-known but hitherto untouched key ISIS sites. But unlike Israel, within 48 hours, France had made lightening arrests of alleged killers /accomplices of the Paris attacks.

Netanyahu quickly offered France the spy services of Shin Bet- the very same Shin Bet that despite its cutting edge surveillance and intelligence technologies ‘fails’ to find and bring Israeli killers to justice. Perhaps Israel should invite French police to solve its crimes against the Palestinian people.

Mossad’s notorious passport expertise may be of more help to the French to shed light on the ‘Syrian’ passport that miraculously survived intact its ‘owner’s’ suicide bomb and has conveniently incited a new world-wide rightwing backlash of anti- Muslim- refugee racism. The convenience stinks.

Along with supplying fake passports, Israel also has a panache for planting false evidence and churning out false propaganda (hasbara) to justify its unlawful assassinations, hate crimes, extrajudicial killings and summary executions. In effect, Israel has two official languages, Hebrew and barefaced lies.

Gandhi said, “Lying is the mother of violence” and Israel is proof thereof. Every, and I repeat, every Zionist war crime and crime against humanity is accompanied by official lies.

According to the official Israeli line, Yousef Al Rammouni wasn’t lynched in a hate crime, but committed suicide; Muhammad Abu Latifa, 18, officially jumped from a roof, factually he was shot during a morning arrest raid; Israeli Col Yisrael Shomer claimed he was in immediate danger when he shot Mohammed Kasbeh, but the boy was shot in the back; Officially soldiers “accidentally crushed the Palestinian [Abdullah Eyad Ghanayem, 22] after he threw a Molotov cocktail.” but Abdullah was shot on his way to work.

The present intifada that is being valiantly fought by the youth of Palestine has revealed a puzzling phenomenon, LMS – the Lady MacBeth Syndrome – “Is this a dagger which I see before me?” – the miraculous appearance of knives that only the Zionists can see becomes the menace of Damocles that hangs over every young Palestinian,

“Say a prayer before leaving your house, dress in your best clothing. Brush your hair well, and smile for the camera. You may end up as another poster on the bleeding walls of the city. No one is safe from their guns.” — A young Palestinian from Silwan, Jerusalem, October 2015.

Undaunted, at the front lines of the Intifada, the young flout teargas and bullets with ready sumoud, steadfastness and unity; neither the yellow Fatah or green Hamas flags are seen, they fight wrapped in the resistance colors of red and white or black and white keffiyehs.

Meanwhile the ‘leaders’ of the Palestinian Authority/PLO in Ramallah gaze at their navels terrified the Intifada will knock them off their lucrative and self-congratulatory pedestals. Since October, 88 brave Palestinians have been slaughtered and not one was protected by the Palestinian Authority/PLO’s 65,000 well-armed security forces against Israel’s shoot-to-kill and home demolition policies.

(If there was a Palestinian policy of demolishing the houses of Zionist perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity since 1948, not a Zionist house would be left standing.)

Barak Obama condemned the Paris attacks that killed 127 persons as attacks on “all of humanity’- except, of course, the humanity of Palestinians. Obama gave no pledge, last year, to bring to justice the perpetrators of state terrorism who savagely mowed down 2225 Palestinians in Gaza. Silence is the US imprimatur on the impunity for Israeli terrorism.

Palestinians know now that the source of their freedom is not found in the UN and western governments, but in themselves and in worldwide grass roots solidarity and BDS and their right to freedom and sovereignty must be cleared of the Oslo compromises and returned to the truth that began pre 1948:

“The truth is that all Israelis are colonizers, settlers, and occupiers and, unless they oppose it in no uncertain terms, they are enforcers of a racist, apartheid regime. So the short answer is, yes, all Israelis are settlers, regardless of whether they live in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem, or Ma’ale Edomim or Kiryat Arba. All of Israel is occupied Palestine and the myth that the occupation of Palestine began in 1967 needs to be buried for good.” — Miko Peled

(Title: Lyrics from Pink Floyd’s, The Wall)

– Dr. Vacy Vlazna is Coordinator of Justice for Palestine Matters. She was Human Rights Advisor to the GAM team in the second round of the Acheh peace talks, Helsinki, February 2005 then withdrew on principle. Vacy was coordinator of the East Timor Justice Lobby as well as serving in East Timor with UNAMET and UNTAET from 1999-2001.

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  1. Well said. Our governments refuse to acknowledge that we are all connected. Palestinian lives matter just as much as Canadian or German lives.

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