Barghouti Suggests a Five-pillar Alternative Approach for Palestine

Dr. Mustapha al-Barghouti. (Photo: via File)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

Dr. Mustapha al-Barghouti, the General Secretary of the Palestinian Initiative, has suggested a five-pillar approach for the Palestinian cause to succeed. Al-Barghouti’s remarks came during talks organized by Masarat, the Palestinian Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies, held in Ramallah and Gaza.

He presented his view as follows:

First: the popular resistance on the ground, which is supported by the international law, should learn from other experiences such as those of the first Palestinian Intifada.

Second: to engage in the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) against Israel, which provides pro-Palestinians outside Palestine with a tool to engage in the struggle. The movement, he explained, is causing much harm to Israel, and gets Palestinians outside involved in the cause as well.

Third: to support Palestinians on the ground by allocating funds to marginalized areas, because high poverty and unemployment rates make it difficult for Palestinians to survive.

Fourth: to realize national unity, because division harms the cause, limiting it to the two main factions, Hamas and Fatah, who will not advance the cause of Palestinians. Having a unified Palestinian front will help Palestinians resist external pressures.

Fifth: to activate and integrate all components of the Palestinian society, both inside and outside Palestine, to have common goals that realize the freedom of Palestinians, their right of return and equality, as well as dismantling of the Israeli apartheid system.

Al-Barghouti concluded that in order for this proposal to succeed, it needs to be adopted by a Palestinian faction who should convince other factions to do so as well.

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  1. Abbas has done nothing for the Palestinians. Living in comfort and an ally of Israel.

    It is obvious that the Palestinians must work together, but unfortunately I don’t see them achieving anything like justice with out fighting for it and as they cannot match the Israelis in a direct confrontation the only way is terrorism at a level that the Israelis cannot face the cost of retaliation.

  2. It is neither just nor ethical to intend to leave all or part of a theft to the thief because the thiet dates May 15th, 1948

    It’s alwyays a thief

    One state for all pacific owners

  3. There are 2 ways:

    continue the same – which is good for the global war economy!


    acknowledge –

    political countries/states control what goes in and out of the country, the air space, radio signals, water, minerals, governance

    Israel has controlled everything for several decades

    by default – ALL of the land IS a part of the state of Israel!

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