BREAKING NEWS: Palestinian, Lebanese Resistance Strike at Israel from Multiple Fronts

A barrage of rockets fired by the Palestinian resistance toward Al-Jalil. (Photo: Supplied)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Israel’s nightmare scenario seems to be actualizing. After days of bombarding Gaza, killing 830 Palestinians and counting, Palestinian and Lebanese resistances responded in a perfectly coordinated attack.

In the meantime, several ‘security situations’ were reported inside Israel, going as far as reaching the government’s compound in Jerusalem. 

These are the latest updates on the situation: 

Israeli media: ‘Security situation’ reported in the Israeli government compound in Jerusalem.

Israel Channel 14: A number of Palestinian fighters are infiltrating the border between Gaza and Israel

Palestinian bombing of the southern Israeli city of Asqalan continues.

Rockets fired from Lebanon toward Israel following the Israeli bombing of a town in south Lebanon.

 Rockets fired from Suhil Qalila region, in South Lebanon toward Upper Galilee.

Israel shells towns in south Lebanon with mortar fire, compelling evacuations.

Aljazeera Arabic says clashes reported in the town of Miflasim at Israel-Gaza border.

The head of the Yemen Al-Houthi movement declared that Houthis will strike Israel if the US gets directly involved in conflict.

Israeli Channel 14: Wounded reported in the latest strikes by Palestinian Resistance at Asqalan.

Aljazeera Arabic: The Israeli military bombs the Lebanese towns of Zibqeen, Hunieh, Shitiie and Qalila

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