Fourth Day of Al-Aqsa Flood: Israel Carries Out Massacres, Resistance Fights Back – LIVE BLOG

Thousands of people have been killed and wounded throughout Palestine and southern Israel. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Thousands of people are killed and wounded throughout Palestine and southern Israel, while Israeli war, and ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ operation escalate. Indiscriminate Israeli bombings continue, as Netanyahu calls on Palestinians to leave, and his government shuts down electricity, water. Meanwhile, the powerful Lebanese Resistance group, Hezbollah entered the battle .. 

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Wednesday, October 11, 06:19 am (GMT +3)

Palestinian Ministry of Health: The number of Palestinians shot and killed by the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank since Saturday has risen to 21.

The ministry added in a statement made at dawn on Wednesday that in addition to those killed, about 130 people have been wounded by Israeli bullets in the West Bank during the same period.

Wednesday, October 11, 02:50 am (GMT +3)

Israeli Military: We struck 70 different targets in Tufah neighborhood in Gaza. (So far, more than 900 Palestinians were killed and 4,500 wounded in ongoing Israeli attacks.)

Wednesday, October 11, 02:25 am (GMT +3)

Israeli Media: Number of Israelis killed in war has reached 1,200 and 2,900 wounded.

Wednesday, October 11, 02:10 am (GMT +3)

Canada: Canadian Foreign Minister says that her country is organizing the evacuation of all of its citizens from Israel.

Wednesday, October 11, 01:10 am (GMT +3)

Palestinian Medical Sources: Several dead and wounded in Israeli attack on the Qizan region in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Wednesday, October 11, 12:21 am (GMT +3)

Israeli Military: First American airplane carrying munition arrives in Israel.

Gaza Interior Ministry: Israeli warplanes and artillery are destroying the entire neighborhood of Al-Karama in Gaza.

Israeli Military: Three Palestinian fighters killed in Asqalan (Ashkelon) industrial zone during exchange of fire with Israeli soldiers.

Hamas: We fully reject the fallacies contained in a speech by Joe Biden. The group described the statements as “inflammatory”.

US Central Command: The aircraft carrier Gerald Ford arrives in the Eastern Mediterranean to “send a message” that no party “hostile to Israel” will be able to “exploit” the current situation.

Tuesday, October 10, 11:25 pm (GMT +3)

Palestinian Ministry of Health: Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

The victims were identified as Ahmed Muhammad Mustafa Sabaana, 25, and Mahmoud Muhammad Sabaana, 21.

Tuesday, October 10, 11:15 pm (GMT +3)

Gaza’s Ministry of Health: The number of Palestinians killed had risen to 788 and the number of wounded to 4,100 as a result of Israeli strikes since the start of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation.

Tuesday, October 10, 11:15 pm (GMT +3)

Aljazeera Arabic: Two Palestinian kids killed by Israeli police in Jerusalem. They were accused of throwing fireworks towards Israeli officers in Silwan neighborhood in the Occupied Palestinian city.

Tuesday, October 10, 10:30 pm (GMT +3)

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan: “We did not move our aircraft carrier to confront Hamas; Rather, to prevent escalation.”

Tuesday, October 10, 10:00 pm (GMT +3)

Resistance News Network: Resistance fighters infiltrated occupied Asqalan and “Ashdod” and are waging a fierce battle on the ground with occupation forces.

Tuesday, October 10, 9:30 pm (GMT +3)

Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, said it bombed Tel Aviv, Ashkelon and Sderot with large missile launches.

Tuesday, October 10, 9:15 pm (GMT +3)

US President Joe Biden:

“Hamas is a terrorist organization and has set a goal of killing Jews.

“We stand by Israel and support it, and we will meet all its needs to defend its citizens.”

Tuesday, October 10, 9:15 pm (GMT +3)

An official at the US Department of Defense said – in an interview with Al Jazeera – that the aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” will arrive in the Middle East, within weeks, according to a prior schedule.

Tuesday, October 10, 9:00 pm (GMT +3)

Israeli Channel 13: The Israeli army said that it considers the assassination of leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) a top priority in every attack on the Gaza Strip.

Tuesday, October 10, 8:40 pm (GMT +3)

The European Union’s foreign policy official, Josep Borrell, said that the Union rejects Israel’s imposition of an absolute siege on the Gaza Strip.

Tuesday, October 10, 8:37 pm (GMT +3)

Hezbollah: In its latest statement, a copy of which sent to the Palestine Chronicle, the Lebanese Resistance group, Hezbollah said that it has destroyed Israeli military vehicle with guided missiles.

Bani Naim Brigades (Qassam Brigades) “With Allah’s help and strength, the Al-Qassam fighters in Al-Khalil (Hebron) were able to target the ‘Kiryat Arba’ settlement with barrages of bullets.”

Tuesday, October 10, 7:09 pm (GMT +3)

Israel published the names of 32 additional officers and soldiers killed in the war, raising the number of killed army personnel to 155.

Tuesday, October 10, 7:09 pm (GMT +3)

Armed clashes are taking place at the Salem military checkpoint near the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

Tuesday, October 10, 7:05 pm (GMT +3)

Israeli authorities demanded all settlers in northern Israel to enter shelters immediately.

Tuesday, October 10, 6:55 pm (GMT +3)

The Israeli Military: Israeli tanks attack a Hezbollah position in South Lebanon.

Tuesday, October 10, 6:20 pm (GMT +3)

– Israel shells towns in south Lebanon with mortar fire, compelling evacuations.

– Aljazeera Arabic says clashes were reported in the town of Miflasim at Israel-Gaza border.

– The head of the Yemen Al-Houthi movement declared that Houthis will strike Israel if the US gets directly involved in conflict.

– Israeli Channel 14: Wounded reported in the latest strikes by Palestinian Resistance at Asqalan.

– Aljazeera Arabic: The Israeli military bombs the Lebanese towns of Zibqeen, Hunieh, Shitiie and Qalila

Tuesday, October 10, 5:44 pm (GMT +3)

– Israeli media: ‘Security situation’ reported in the Israeli government compound in Jerusalem.

– Israel Channel 14: A number of Palestinian fighters are infiltrating the border between Gaza and Israel

– Palestinian bombing of the southern Israeli city of Asqalan continues.

– Rockets fired from Lebanon toward Israel following the Israeli bombing of a town in south Lebanon.

– Rockets fired from Suhil Qalila region, in South Lebanon toward Upper Galilee.

Tuesday, October 10, 5:10 pm (GMT +3)

The southern Israeli city of Asqalan is under a massive attack by the Palestinian Resistance.

Palestine Chronicle correspondent says that this is the most unprecedented number of rockets ever fired toward Israel in one single area.

Earlier, Al-Qassam Brigades called on the people of Ashkelon to leave the city before 5 PM, Palestine time.

Tuesday, October 10, 4:45 pm (GMT +3)

AJA: Israeli bombing on several sites in the Gaza Strip was renewed.

Israeli aircraft bombed a house in Jabalia camp, north of the Gaza Strip.

Tuesday, October 10, 4:40 pm (GMT +3)

Amnesty International: Imposing a siege on the Gaza Strip, following the military operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance groups, led by Hamas, is “collective punishment and a war crime.”

Tuesday, October 10, 4:30 pm (GMT +3)

Israeli Channel 12: according to an Israeli official, Tel Aviv will deal with the issue of prisoners after the end of the war on the Gaza Strip.

Tuesday, October 10, 4:00 pm (GMT +3)

AJA: A US official said that the aircraft carrier Ford will arrive in its operating area near Israel later today.

Tuesday, October 10, 3:50 pm (GMT +3)

Sources told Al Jazeera that members of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), Zakaria Abu Muammar and Jawad Abu Shamala, were killed today, in an Israeli raid on the Gaza Strip.

Tuesday, October 10, 3:50 pm (GMT +3)

Israeli Embassy in Washington: at least 1,000 Israelis were killed in the attack by Hamas.

Tuesday, October 10, 3:50 pm (GMT +3)

Palestinian resistance launches large barrages of rockets towards the settlement of Herzilia and surrounding settlements.

For the first time since the start of the battle, missile sirens ring north of Tel Aviv.

Tuesday, October 10, 3:30 pm (GMT +3)

Israeli forces launched a series of airstrikes targeting Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Tuesday, October 10, 3:30 pm (GMT +3)

Al Qassam Brigades announces bombing of Ben Gurion airport.

“We bombed Ben Gurion Airport with missiles in response to targeting civilians”.

Tuesday, October 10, 3:12 pm (GMT +3)

BREAKING | Abu Obeida, Al Qassam Brigades spokesman:

“In response to the enemy’s crime of displacing our people and forcing them to flee their homes in Gaza , we give the residents of Asqalan an ultimatum to leave the town before five o’clock this evening.”

Tuesday, October 10, 2:15 pm (GMT +3)

Israeli Channel 12: Israel threatened Egypt to strike any trucks carrying aid trying to enter Gaza from the Rafah crossing.

Tuesday, October 10, 1:30 pm (GMT +3)

Israel’s ruling Likud Party announced that the coalition leaders agreed to establish a national emergency government.

Netanyahu said that he calls for the formation of a unity government similar to the one that was formed with Menachem Begin during the Six-Day War.

Tuesday, October 1:00  pm (GMT +3)

The Palestinian resistance launched a barrage of missiles toward Bir Al-Sabi’ (Bersheeba).

Sirens ring in Sderot as a number of suicide drones were launched from Gaza.

Tuesday, October 10, 12:50 pm (GMT +3)

Palestinian Ministry of Health: the number of Palestinians killed had risen to 788 and the number of wounded to 4,100 as a result of Israeli strikes since the start of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation.

The Israeli occupation army spokesman said that about 200 targets were bombed in the Al-Rimal suburb of Gaza and in Khan Yunis last night.

Tuesday, October 10, 12:35 pm (GMT +3)

Head of the Hamas Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh:

“The enemy will pay a heavy price for his crimes and terrorism.

“We informed those who contacted us regarding (Israeli) prisoners that this file would not be opened before the end of the battle.”

Tuesday, October 10, 12:30 pm (GMT +3)

Israeli occupation warplanes bombed the Rafah crossing gate between Palestine and Egypt, which was repaired yesterday, preventing the departure and access of travelers, in an effort to tighten the siege on Gaza.

Tuesday, October 10, 11:50  am (GMT +3)

Indonesian President Joko Widodo called on Tuesday for an end to the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel on the basis of criteria set by the United Nations and urged an end to “war and violence.”

Tuesday, October 10, 11:40  am (GMT +3)

The Al-Qassam Brigades said that its forces carried out a missile attack on the Sderot settlement.

Tuesday, October 10, 11:30  am (GMT +3)

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: Israeli raids in Gaza hit schools and residential towers and led to civilian casualties.

The siege of Gaza threatens to worsen the situation and affect the work of medical facilities.
We call on influential countries to defuse the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians.

Tuesday, October 10, 11:25  am (GMT +3)

Government Information Office in Gaza:  7 journalists have been killed since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Strip.

Tuesday, October 10, 11:20  am (GMT +3)

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: The Zionist entity (Israel) has suffered an irreparable loss at the military and intelligence levels.

We support Palestine and its resistance, and accept the help of the brave Palestinian youth who plan and implement.

Tuesday, October 10, 10:40  am (GMT +3)

The Associated Press quoted US officials as saying that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken may suspend a plan to visit the region that would have included Israel, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Tuesday, October 10, 10:30  am (GMT +3)

Israeli radio: the Israeli Cabinet approved the Defense Minister’s request to recruit 360,000 soldiers from the reserve forces.

Tuesday, October 10, 10:05  am (GMT +3)

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) reported on Tuesday that mass displacement has escalated throughout the Gaza Strip over the past hours, reaching more than 187,000 people, and it is expected to increase further.

Tuesday, October 10, 9:57  am (GMT +3)

Israeli Channel 12 said that the Air Force transferred hundreds of regular and reserve soldiers from all over Europe to Israel.

Tuesday, October 10, 9:28  am (GMT +3)

The Al-Quds Brigades – the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement – announced the killing of the fighters Hamza Musa and Riad Qiblawi, who carried out an operation to storm a military site on the Lebanese border.

Tuesday, October 10, 9:10 am (GMT +3)

Hamas criticizes the parties supporting the occupation and calls for mobilization.

Hamas considered that the positions of some parties supporting the occupation constitute a cover to encourage it in its war against the Palestinian people.

Hamas called on the free people of the world to rally in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in support of their just cause and their legitimate rights to freedom and independence.

The movement declared a day of general mobilization on Friday in the Arab and Islamic world in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their resistance.

Tuesday, October 10, 9:00 am (GMT +3)

Qatari News Agency : Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman bin Jassim Al Thani discussed, in a call with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, developments in the Palestinian territories and Israel.

Tuesday, October 10, 8:14 am (GMT +3)

Israeli army spokesman: Israeli forces bombed about 200 targets in the Al-Rimal suburb of Gaza and in Khan Yunis.

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