BREAKING: Two Israeli Settlers Killed near Huwwara – A Developing Story

The scene following the killing of two Israeli settlers near Huwwara. (Photo: Aljazeera Video Grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The killing of two Israeli settlers near Huwwara is considered a response to the recent Israeli attack on Jenin and killing of a top Fatah commander. 

UPDATE: The Israeli newspaper, Maariv reported that unlike initial claims, the Palestinian fighter didn’t open fire from a speeding car. Instead, he walked towards the armed settlers, opened fire, before leaving the area ‘unarmed.’

Two Israeli settlers were killed in what is believed to be a Palestinian attack near the town of Huwwara in the northern West Bank. 

Israeli Channel 13 initially reported that the two settlers were shot from a speeding car and that they were critically wounded. 

Later, Israeli media reported that the Palestinian was not in a car, but on foot.

Large Israeli Force Attacks Jenin, Assassinates Top Fatah Resistance Leader

Israeli occupation authorities confirmed that the two were killed. 

It was unclear what the two settlers were doing in the area, which has witnessed many clashes in recent months. 

Visiting Huwwara: The Palestinian Town Torched by Illegal Israeli Settlers

On February 26, Huwwara was attacked by hundreds of illegal armed Jewish settlers, who burned hundreds of cars and homes, killing one Palestinian and wounding many others.

Israeli forces have reportedly shut down the area, causing traffic jams in all directions. 

The road on which the settlers were killed is one of the main roads used by illegal settlers in that area. 

Huwwara and Stella Maris: The Truth about Judicial Overhaul, Israeli Protests

Citing the Israeli army, Israeli media said that the alleged Palestinian attacker is being pursued by Israeli soldiers. 

Aljazeera Arabic Channel correspondent in the West Bank said that the two were shot with precision from a speeding vehicle. 

She also reported that the two settlers were standing outside a car washing facility in the area. 

A far-right Israeli minister, Bezalel Smotrich, had recently threatened to erase Huwwara off the map. 

Israel’s Smotrich Says Call to ‘Wipe out’ Palestinian Town was ‘Slip of the Tongue’

Palestinians fear that the attack will renew Israeli settler violence against the town. 

So far this year, 227 Palestinians have been killed. 

Over 30 Israelis, mostly soldiers and settlers, were also killed in the same period. 

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