Daughter of Iconic Palestinian Leader Khalida Jarrar Found Dead

Daughter Suha Jarrar and mother are reunited after 20 months of separation. (Photos: via Twitter)

The dead body of Suha, the daughter of the iconic Palestinian leader Khalida Jarrar, has been found in an apartment near Palestine medical complex in Ramallah. The cause of death remains unclear.

Prominent Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar was arrested in her home in Ramallah on October 31,  2019, and charged with “assuming a position in the PFLP, which is banned by the Israeli military.” She is currently serving a two-year sentence.

Human rights organizations launched a campaign to demand pressure on the occupation to release Jarrar, thus allowing her to participate in the funeral of her daughter Suha.

The following is the obituary of Suha Jarrar, prepared by the Palestinian human rights group, al-Haq:

“With heavy hearts, we received the news last night of the death of our colleague Suha Jarrar, longtime Researcher and Advocacy Officer at Al-Haq. Suha joined the Al-Haq family in 2017 as a gender and environmental policy researcher in the Legal Research and Advocacy Department, where she worked with dedication until her death. Suha was a fierce advocate for the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, freedom, and dignity.

“The Al-Haq family extends its deepest and most sincere condolences to the family of our dear colleague Suha Ghassan Jarrar, and in particular to her mother, Khalida, the prisoner in Israeli jails, her father, Ghassan, her sister Yaffa in Canada, and the entire Jarrar family for their tragic and devastating loss.

“Al-Haq, in coordination with partner organizations and friends, is pursuing all measures to ensure the rights and dignity of Suha’s mother, Khalida Jarrar, and calls for her release from Israeli occupation prisons to bid farewell to her beloved daughter. Al-Haq will follow and announce details of the funeral and mourning ceremonies shortly.

“Suha will remain a legacy and a role model in her strength, patience, giving, and defiance to the oppression faced by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Her memory will remain etched in the hearts of advocates around the world for freedom and justice in Palestine.

May she rest in peace.”

(Palestine Chronicle, MEMO, Social Media)

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    I am from an IRISH family of IRA Guerrilla Fighters.It is how we WON against the British.

    You cannot possibly win the way you are acting

    Peaceful RESISTANCE,and Protesting, alone, are futile

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